Advantage Tennis

  • Civic and public sector.
  • Schools and education.
  • Sport and leisure.


Zaun’s 'Advantage Tennis' tennis court fencing systems are designed to withstand heavy use whilst still maintaining easy viewing of the on court action. They use a 42.85 x 200 mm twin wire mesh, which results in an extremely durable tennis court perimeter and enhances the area in which it is situated. The 42.85 x 200 mm mesh also means that there is no chance of the tennis ball passing through the fence, increasing ball retention and gameplay. The twin horizontal wires also ensure that the court could be used for other high impact sports like football to increase the court usability. The Advantage Tennis systems use EPDM rubber inserts at every fixing to reduce noise and eliminates rattle during play, and a full length clamp bar covers the panel ends to ensure a safer playing surface with no sharp edges.

Traditionally, chain-link fencing is used for tennis courts, which is a classic example of how the lowest cost solution does not equal the best value. Easily cut with pliers, people gain access out of hours by snipping the fence, encouraging inappropriate use of the courts and making them an eyesore. The Advantage Tennis systems rigid design ensures that not only is it difficult for vandals and intruders to gain access, but unlike chain-link fencing they do not deform with continuous play or when people lean or push against it.

Features and benefits:

  • Specifically designed for tennis courts.
  • Tight mesh apertures eliminates tennis ball loss and increased ball retention.
  • Supplied with EPDM inserts and fixings to reduce noise caused by ball impacts.
  • Open mesh design gives provides better viewing for spectators.
  • No solid surface for graffiti.
  • Low maintenance with rigid mesh pattern that will not deform like chain-link fencing.
  • Difficult to cut for vandals.
  • Available either bolt down, in ground or on wall.


  • Civic and public sector.
  • Schools and education.
  • Sport and leisure.

General information


Galvanized and polyester powder coated

Uniclass 2015

Ss_25_14_67_51 Metal mesh panel fencing systemsPrimary


Q40/125 Open mesh steel panel general purpose fencing

Q40/27 Open mesh steel panel fencing

Q40/30 Proprietary fencing

Q40/430 Proprietary fencing

Specification data - Metal mesh panel fencing systems

Product Reference

Advantage Tennis 6

With 6 mm horizontal wires.

Advantage Tennis 8

With 8 mm horizontal wires.


2.43–6.0 m, insert requirements.


Bolt down

In ground





Not required


Single leaf, 1.2 m wide, or width to suit, consult manufacturer and insert requirements.


Not required


Double leaf, 3.0 m wide, or width to suit, consult manufacturer and insert requirements.

Standard product features


Galvanized and polyester powder coated.


- Advantage Tennis 6:

Advantage Tennis 6 mesh comprising 42.85 x 200 mm with dual 6 mm horizontal wires at 200 mm centres with single 5 mm vertical wires at 42.85 mm centres.

- Advantage Tennis 8:

Advantage Tennis 8 mesh comprising 42.85 x 200 mm mesh with dual 8 mm horizontal wires at 200 mm centres with single 6 mm vertical wires at 42.85 mm centres.


Rectangular hollow section (RHS) sports posts - sizes dependent on height, spaced at 2525 mm centres, consult manufacturer.

Post to panel fixing:

Panels fixed to posts with full height 40 x 5 mm clamp bar with bolt fixings at 200 mm centres with EPDM inserts. The full height clamp bars create a flush safe finish with the mesh ends behind the clamp bar.


Framed in a 50 x 50 mm RHS with Advantage Tennis mesh welded inside the frame, with slide latch. Gate supplied with rubber bump stop and two suitable gate posts.

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