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Masonry walling units (497)


Masonry walling units

Framed partition systems (57)


Framed partition systems

Decorative coatings (308)


Decorative coatings

Window units (446)


Window units

Doorsets (801)



Resilient floor coverings (453)


Resilient floor coverings


Above-ground drainage pipes and fittings
Access and inspection chambers and gullies
Access control systems
Acrylic and resin bound aggregate paving systems
Adhesives and bonding compounds
Administrative FF&E systems
Air conditioning units
Air handling units
Air terminals and diffusers
Amenity and ornamental planting systems
Anchors and components
Animal conservation systems
Animal housing
Applied cleaning and treatment products
Applied waterproofing and tanking systems
Asphalt, bitumen and resin mixtures
Audio and visual source products
Audio output devices
Audio, data and visual outlet plates and controllers


Balustrade and handrail systems
Bands and hoops
Barrier rails
Bathing fittings
Batt and quilt products
Batteries and chargers
Beads, stops and fillets
Beams and joists
Bedding and underlay compounds
Below-ground and pressure drainage pipes and fittings
Below-ground drainage disposal systems
Bins and buckets
Bitumen-based membranes, sheets and fabrics
Blinds and shading devices
Board and rigid sheet floor systems
Board and sheet ceiling systems
Bollards and impact protectors
Bolting, latching and locking hardware
Bolts and accessories
Brise-soleils and components
Building papers and vapour permeable sheets
Bunds and ducts


Cable management and accessories
Calorifiers and plate heat exchangers
Carpets, carpet tiles, coverings, underlays and mats
Cavity wall insulation systems
Ceiling infill units
Cement boards and sheets
Cementitious screed systems
Cements and limes
Chairs, seats and benches
Chillers and cooling towers
Cladding and lining panels
Climatic beams and ceilings
Clips, clamps and couplers
Cold water supply sources
Columns and column accessories
Commercial display and service catering products
Composite panel cladding systems
Composite surfacing and underlay products
Computers and peripherals
Concrete and masonry cleaning systems
Concrete cladding systems
Concrete construction joint accessories
Concrete flooring and decking products
Concrete repair and renovation systems
Concrete road and paving systems
Control and indicator panels
Control circuit devices and timeswitches
Curtain walling systems
Curtains and screens
Cycle stands and lockers
Cylinders and buffer vessels


Damp-proof course renewal and insertion systems
Damp-proof courses and cavity trays
Data distribution and telecommunications systems
Decorative coatings
Decorative papers and roll coverings
Demountable suspended ceiling systems
Desks and tables
Dispensers and acceptance units
Display and presentation fittings
Distribution boxes and switchboards
Dividing and edge strips
Dock levellers
Domestic laundry equipment
Door and gate-operating hardware
Door and window hardware systems
Door frames and leaves
Door, shutter and hatch systems
Dowels and rods
Drainage gullies and channels
Drainage pumps
Drainage traps, separators and accessories
Drainage valves
Duct dampers
Ductwork and fittings
Dynamic permanent access and safety equipment systems


Electric door-locking hardware
Electrical protective devices
Electronic access control and recording products
Embedded retaining wall systems
Emergency call and nurse call devices and control equipment
Emergency call systems
Emergency shower products
Equipment boards, racks and supports
Equipment enclosures, cabinets, boxes and housings
Escalator and moving walk products
Excavating, filling and erosion control systems
Expanding foams
External container planting systems
External deck and boardwalk systems
External trims and sills


Falsework and formwork
Fire alarm detection devices and control equipment
Fire and smoke curtain systems
Fire and smoke detection and alarm systems
Fire-stopping systems
Firefighting valves and devices
Fitted chairs, seats and benches
Fitted desks, tables and worktops
Fixed roof ventilators, terminals and accessories
Fixed utilitarian access systems
Flat and folded plate fasteners
Flat roof covering systems
Floor and stair trims
Floor damp-proofing systems
Floor plates, gratings and edgings
Floor tiling systems
Flues and chimneys
Framed glazed wall systems
Framed partition systems
Framed roof structure systems
Framed wall structure systems
Frames and grids
Fungus and beetle eradication systems
Furniture booths


Gas and liquid fuel valves
Gas fire-extinguishing controls
Gaskets, weatherstrips and baffles
Gate surrounds and leaves
Gate systems
Gates and turnstiles
Gauges and sight glasses
General and joinery FF&E systems
General hardware
General space ventilation systems
Glass and glazing sheets and profiles
Glass fibre-reinforced concrete (GRC) cladding systems
Glass fixing plates, brackets and anchors
Glazed structures
Glazing systems
Granules and powders
Gravity retaining wall systems
Ground gas disposal systems
Gutters and accessories
Gypsum boards and sheets


Hatches and access panels
Heat emitters
Heat pumps
High-voltage switchgear and transformers
Hinges and hanging hardware
Hoses, hose reels and ancillaries
Humidifiers and dehumidifiers


Inclined transport cars, platforms and chairs
Infill panels
Interior linings
Interior wall and ceiling trims
Internal container planting systems
Internal stair and ramp systems
Intruder detection and alarm devices and control equipment
Intumescent systems
Irrigation systems
Irrigation valves


Joint fillers


Kerb units


Land drainage systems
Lathings and furrings
Lawn and meadow planting systems
Legs, pedestals, hangers and stringers
Lifting gear
Lighting columns, brackets and bollards
Lighting controls and lighting distribution products
Lightning protection and earthing components
Lining and casing systems
Liquid detection and alarm systems
Liquid fuel supply systems
Liquid level controllers and switches
Living roof systems
Loose insulation
Louvre and shading systems
Louvres and components
Low-voltage cables
Low-voltage switchgear
Luminaires, lighting track and lighting accessories


Mail fittings
Masonry capping and coping units
Masonry flooring units
Masonry openings units
Masonry repair and renovation systems
Masonry wall systems
Masonry walling ancillary products
Masonry walling units
Mat and sheet paving systems
Mechanical engineering services control and management systems
Medical gases outlets
Membranes, liners, flexible sheets and fabrics
Metal capping and coping units
Metal composite panel roof covering systems
Metal panels
Metal sections
Metal sheet fully supported wall-covering systems
Metal sheet, fully supported roof and dormer covering systems
Metal sheets and strips
Metering and test products
Metering, monitoring and management systems
Microbial biocides
Mineral-based boards and sheets
Monolithic flooring systems
Mortars and grouts
Motor starters, variable frequency drives and contactors
Movement joints


Netting and non-reinforcement mesh
Non-metal barrier panels


Opening hardware
Opening security and protection products
Operable vehicular barriers


Packaged sanitary fittings
Packings, washers and spacers
Painting and clear finishing systems
Panel enclosure systems
Panelled and framed structure products
Partitioning systems
Passenger and goods lift systems
Paving studs and inserts
Paving units
Pedestrian safety barrier and guarding systems
People conveying systems
Personal dryers
Piles and ancillary products
Pipe accessories
Pipes and fittings
Plant containers
Plant fibre-based membranes, liners, flexible sheet and fabrics
Plant support and protection
Plaster-coating systems
Plasters and renders
Plastics membranes
Plastics sections
Plastics-based boards and sheets
Post, rail and board fence systems
Post, wire and mesh fence systems
Posts and post accessories
Power conditioning supply equipment
Power generators, engines and packaged combined heat and power (CHP) units
Preparation materials, fillers and stoppers
Preparatory coatings
Preservative, additives and fire-retardant treatments
Pressure relief drainage systems
Profiled sheet self-supporting cladding systems
Profiled sheet self-supporting roof covering systems
Protective coatings
Public communications systems
Putties and glazing compounds


Rail sleepers and bearers
Rainscreen cladding systems
Rainwater drainage systems
Raised floor systems
Render and roughcast coating systems
Resilient and textile floor covering systems
Resilient floor coverings
Retaining wall units
Rigid sheet fine lining and panelling systems
Road FF&E systems
Roof ventilator systems
Roofing and cladding units
Rooflight and roof window systems


Safety equipment
Sanitary accessories
Sanitary appliance systems
Security detection alarm systems
Sensors and detectors
Services insulation and protection products
Sewage treatment plant
Sheet cladding systems
Sheeted waterproofing and tanking systems
Shelter structures
Shelter systems
Shelves, hangers and racks
Shutters and grilles
Signs and markers
Silicate boards and sheets
Smoke and fire barriers
Smoke and fire cavity barriers
Smoke and fire-stopping
Smoke extract and control systems
Solar heat collectors
Sound attenuators
Specialist coatings
Sports barrier systems
Sports fittings
Sports goals
Sprayed coating systems
Stair and ladder units
Steam generators
Steam valves
Stone cladding systems
Storage of solid materials
Storage units and cupboards
Straps, ties, channels and inserts
Structural bearings
Structural deck systems
Structural framing systems
Structural units
Supply and exhaust pumps
Surface sealers
Surface-level traffic control products
Surveillance cameras, monitors and ancillaries
Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS)
Synthetic resins


Tapes, strips and profile fillers
Taps and water supply outlet fittings
Tensile fabric roofing systems
Tensile, stretch and suspended fabrics
Terrazzo floor tiling and screed systems
Tile and fabric fasteners
Tiling systems
Timber sections
Topsoils, feeds and growing media
Trace heating systems
Treads and landing units
Trusses and lattice frames
Turf and pre-planted substrates


Underfloor heating and cooling systems
Unit cladding systems
Unit paving systems
Unit roofing fittings
Urinal and WC fittings


Valve accessories
Vehicle access point control systems
Vehicle restraint systems
Veneers and facings
Ventilation grilles
Vertical planting systems
Vibration isolation products
Visual and audible indicators
Voice alarm and emergency voice communication equipment


Wall and floor tile units
Wall damp-proofing systems
Wall insulation systems
Wall sheathing systems
Wall venting products
Washbasins, sinks and troughs
Waste water outlets and plugs
Water feature filters and strainers
Water filters and strainers
Water firefighting systems
Water heaters
Water services valves
Water tanks and cisterns
Window panels
Window systems
Window units
Window walls
Wiring accessories
Wood and composite unit flooring systems
Wood block units
Wood strip and board fine flooring systems
Wood-based boards