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Plumbing and waste disposal (1178)

Plumbing and waste disposal
Whites Concrete
Alumasc Water Management Solutions

+ 103 manufacturers

Ventilation, air conditioning and space heating (566)

Ventilation, air conditioning and space heating
Lamilux Rooflights Ltd
S&P UK Ventilation Systems Ltd

+ 55 manufacturers

Electrical power and lighting (236)

Electrical power and lighting
Lightwave RF Technology Ltd

+ 39 manufacturers

Communications, security and safety (555)

Communications, security and safety
HAG Ltd. - The Door Specialists
Geberit Sales Ltd
Nicholson STS Ltd

+ 57 manufacturers

Plants and animals (340)

Plants and animals
Wavin Ltd
Screen With Envy Limited

+ 48 manufacturers

Plumbing fixtures and accessories (4934)

Plumbing fixtures and accessories
Vantage Products
Koster Aquatecnic Ltd

+ 74 manufacturers

Ponds, swimming pools, bunds and tanks (45)

Ponds, swimming pools, bunds and tanks
Cast Iron Air Brick Company
GCP Applied Technologies
Radmat Building Products Ltd

+ 14 manufacturers

Structure (699)

JCW Acoustic Supplies Limited
J & P Building Systems

+ 97 manufacturers

Lifts, elevators and escalators (132)

Lifts, elevators and escalators
Guldmann Limited
Arjo UK Ltd
Eurosafe Solutions Ltd

+ 17 manufacturers

General building products (4473)

General building products
Valcan (Fairview Europe Ltd)
Timloc Building Products
Knauf Ceiling Solutions Ltd

+ 323 manufacturers

Coverings, coatings and finishes (3482)

Coverings, coatings and finishes
Nullifire – a brand of CPG UK Ltd
Don Construction Products Ltd
Trespa UK Ltd

+ 235 manufacturers

Fittings, furnishings and equipment (2851)

Fittings, furnishings and equipment
Bushboard Limited
Allgood plc
Velair Group Ltd

+ 127 manufacturers

Walls and barriers (2172)

Walls and barriers
Bolton Gate Company
Supreme Concrete Ltd

+ 212 manufacturers

Stairs and ramps (382)

Stairs and ramps
Degafloor Ltd
Radii AG

+ 43 manufacturers

Doors, windows and hatches (4695)

Doors, windows and hatches
Dagard SAS
Mumford & Wood Ltd

+ 224 manufacturers

Roofs, ceilings and soffits (1536)

Roofs, ceilings and soffits
Sika Limited
BPD Building Product Design Ltd

+ 155 manufacturers

Signage and signalling (47)

Signage and signalling
Safety Fabrications Limited
Ansell Lighting

+ 6 manufacturers

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