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One of the largest and most dynamic British manufacturers of sports fencing and high security perimeter protection systems, Zaun’s comprehensive range of solutions combats the rapidly changing security threats, and ensures our systems meet the perimeter security requirement for any site. Tested by independent organisations and governments to the most stringent criteria, our systems protect sites of critical national importance on a global scale. Zaun sports product ranges include MUGAs, Football Pitch Fencing, Basketball Court Fencing, Hockey Pitch Fencing, Tennis Court Fencing, Swimming Pool Fencing to name a few. Zaun perimeter product ranges include temporary perimeter fencing, permanent security fencing, high security fencing, railings and gates.

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Trade names

  • Advantage Tennis
  • ArmaWeave
  • Axiom
  • Bushberry
  • DBS
  • DualGuard
  • Duo
  • DuoSports
  • EyeLynx
  • Gemini
  • HiSec
  • HiSec Super
  • Holloway
  • MultiFence
  • RDS
  • SecureGuard
  • Super Rebound
  • Zariba