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General building products (1246)

General building products
BIM object
RENOLIT Cramlington Ltd
Wedi Systems (UK) Ltd

+ 114 manufacturers

Roofs, ceilings and soffits (615)

Roofs, ceilings and soffits
BIM object
Wedi Systems (UK) Ltd
Axter Ltd
WestWood Liquid Technologies Limited

+ 74 manufacturers

Fittings, furnishings and equipment (1739)

Fittings, furnishings and equipment
BIM object
Silent Gliss Ltd
The Safety Letterbox Company
Vantage Products

+ 67 manufacturers

Communications, security and safety (311)

Communications, security and safety
BIM object
The Splash Lab Limited

+ 16 manufacturers

Ventilation, air conditioning and space heating (230)

Ventilation, air conditioning and space heating
BIM object
S&P UK Ventilation Systems Ltd
Miele GB
Schiedel Chimney Systems

+ 29 manufacturers

Electrical power and lighting (122)

Electrical power and lighting
BIM object
Baldwin Boxall Communications Ltd
KWC DVS Limited
Brandon Medical Co Ltd

+ 17 manufacturers

Plumbing fixtures and accessories (3224)

Plumbing fixtures and accessories
BIM object
Ideal Standard (UK) Ltd
WaterSaver Labtaps Limited
Bobrick Washroom Equipment Ltd

+ 49 manufacturers

Structure (276)

BIM object
Castle Composites
Ambar Kelly Ltd
ACS Stainless Steel Fixings Ltd

+ 34 manufacturers

Walls and barriers (814)

Walls and barriers
BIM object
DYNAMIK Sports Flooring
BASWA acoustic AG
Ibstock Brick Ltd

+ 89 manufacturers

Stairs and ramps (113)

Stairs and ramps
BIM object
Safety Fabrications Limited
International Powered Access Federation
DYNAMIK Sports Flooring

+ 16 manufacturers

Doors, windows and hatches (1892)

Doors, windows and hatches
BIM object
Norwood Group Limited
Lusso Systems Ltd

+ 115 manufacturers

Coverings, coatings and finishes (1455)

Coverings, coatings and finishes
BIM object
WestWood Liquid Technologies Limited
Powdertech (Corby) Ltd

+ 96 manufacturers

Signage and signalling (23)

Signage and signalling
BIM object
Raybloc (X-Ray Protection) Ltd

Plumbing and waste disposal (366)

Plumbing and waste disposal
BIM object
Horne Engineering Ltd
Scanomat UK Ltd

+ 39 manufacturers

Plants and animals (68)

Plants and animals
BIM object
CSD Sealing Systems Ltd
MMA Architectural Systems Ltd

+ 10 manufacturers

Lifts, elevators and escalators (40)

Lifts, elevators and escalators
BIM object
Vimec SRL
Penny Hydraulics Ltd

+ 8 manufacturers

Ponds, swimming pools, bunds and tanks (5)

Ponds, swimming pools, bunds and tanks
BIM object
GCP Applied Technologies
Degafloor Ltd

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