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Ventilation, air conditioning and space heating (224)

Ventilation, air conditioning and space heating
BIM object
Hudevad Radiator Design A/S
Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd

+ 26 manufacturers

Electrical power and lighting (103)

Electrical power and lighting
BIM object
Viridian Solar Limited
Marshall-Tufflex Ltd

+ 15 manufacturers

Communications, security and safety (305)

Communications, security and safety
BIM object
Dolphin Solutions
Aico Ltd
Salto Systems

+ 14 manufacturers

Plumbing and waste disposal (359)

Plumbing and waste disposal
BIM object
Armitage Shanks
ASPEN by Canal Engineering Limited

+ 39 manufacturers

Plants and animals (63)

Plants and animals
BIM object
Broxap Ltd
GreenBlue Urban Ltd
Cordek Ltd

+ 9 manufacturers

Plumbing fixtures and accessories (3226)

Plumbing fixtures and accessories
BIM object
Dolphin Solutions
Duravit UK Ltd

+ 47 manufacturers

General building products (1230)

General building products
BIM object
Kaimann Insulation UK
Evergreens UK Group
ACS Stainless Steel Fixings Ltd

+ 113 manufacturers

Structure (275)

BIM object
MyDek Ltd
Boyco (UK) Ltd
Ambar Kelly Ltd

+ 34 manufacturers

Fittings, furnishings and equipment (1692)

Fittings, furnishings and equipment
BIM object
Kronospan Ltd

+ 65 manufacturers

Walls and barriers (823)

Walls and barriers
BIM object
Ibstock Brick Ltd
Dales Fabrications Ltd - Aluminium Eaves Products
Cordek Ltd

+ 89 manufacturers

Stairs and ramps (121)

Stairs and ramps
BIM object
Lionweld Kennedy Group
Lichtgitter UK Ltd
Safety Fabrications Limited

+ 16 manufacturers

Coverings, coatings and finishes (1445)

Coverings, coatings and finishes
BIM object
Burmatex Ltd
DYNAMIK Sports Flooring

+ 91 manufacturers

Roofs, ceilings and soffits (589)

Roofs, ceilings and soffits
BIM object
Yeoman Shield, trading name of Harrison Thompson & Co Ltd

+ 72 manufacturers

Signage and signalling (22)

Signage and signalling
BIM object

Doors, windows and hatches (1726)

Doors, windows and hatches
BIM object
Wedi Systems (UK) Ltd
dormakaba UK Ltd

+ 109 manufacturers

Ponds, swimming pools, bunds and tanks (5)

Ponds, swimming pools, bunds and tanks
BIM object
Degafloor Ltd
GCP Applied Technologies

Lifts, elevators and escalators (41)

Lifts, elevators and escalators
BIM object
Select Access Premier Solutions
Gartec Platform Lifts
Arjo UK Ltd

+ 8 manufacturers

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