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General building products (4419)

General building products includes a wide variety of products used in multiple areas across a project and includes materials such as cements, mortars, sheets, insulation, fasteners etc.

Aggregates (10)

Stoneworld Oxfordshire Ltd
Hardscape Products Ltd
Radmat Building Products Ltd

+ 2 manufacturers

Concrete, cements, mortars and grouts (584)

Concrete, cements, mortars and grouts
Promat UK
Fosroc International Limited
Hodgson Sealants

+ 67 manufacturers

Damproofing, waterproofing and weatherproofing (802)

Damproofing, waterproofing and weatherproofing
Axter Ltd
Bostik Ltd
Ardex Ltd – Flooring, Tiling & Screeding products

+ 112 manufacturers

Fire protection (173)

Fire protection
OSO Hotwater (UK) Ltd
Construction Specialties (UK) Ltd
Dacatie Building Solutions, product brand of Quantum Profile Systems Ltd

+ 29 manufacturers

Fixings and fasteners (266)

Fixings and fasteners
Ideal Standard (UK) Ltd
Hush Acoustics
Newton Waterproofing Systems

+ 34 manufacturers

Insulation (533)

Xtratherm UK Ltd
Dryvit – a brand of CPG UK Ltd
F&T Terrix Limited

+ 47 manufacturers

Repair, cleaning and renovation (47)

Repair, cleaning and renovation
Sika Limited
Sovereign Chemicals Ltd
Safeguard Europe Ltd

+ 17 manufacturers

Sheet materials (1391)

Sheet materials
Sika Limited
Cembrit Ltd

+ 186 manufacturers

Tiling materials (613)

Tiling materials
Delta Membrane Systems Ltd
Building Adhesives Ltd

+ 48 manufacturers