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Fittings, furnishings and equipment (2578)

Fittings, furnishing and equipment covers a range of products for both internal and external applications, such as street furniture, catering equipment, soft furnishings etc.

Cooking and catering equipment (124)

Cooking and catering equipment
Abode (Part of Norcros Group (Holdings) Ltd)
Aqua Libra Co
BRITA Vivreau Ltd

+ 5 manufacturers

Fittings and fitted furniture (990)

Fittings and fitted furniture
David Bailey Furniture Systems Ltd
Pressalit Limited
Ideal Standard (UK) Ltd

+ 65 manufacturers

Furniture (263)

3v Architectural Hardware Ltd
KWC DVS Limited
Boyco (UK) Ltd

+ 30 manufacturers

Laundry equipment (7)

Laundry equipment
Miele GB

Outdoor equipment and furniture (1082)

Outdoor equipment and furniture
Caribbean Blinds UK Ltd
GreenBlue Urban Ltd
Race Furniture Ltd

+ 56 manufacturers

Soft furnishings (112)

Soft furnishings
dp Doors & Shutters Ltd
Tillys Interiors
Yewdale Corporation Ltd

+ 7 manufacturers