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Armourplan G Membrane


A glass tissue reinforced polyvinyl chloride (PVC) membrane for detailing on armour plan roof systems.

ROCKWOOL Acoustic Membrane


A flexible, high density polymeric mass layer used n conjunction with Rockwool insulation products for improving the acoustic performance of built-up roof constructions.

Sureplan FPO Walkway Membrane

BMI Icopal

Sureplan FPO Walkway Membrane is a weather resistant FPO membrane which is red in colour and incorporates an aggressive, non-slip, interlocking herringbone tread pattern.

Walkways must be installed at all traffic concentration points (i.e. roof hatches, access doors, rooftop ladders, beneath regularly cleaned windows, etc,) regardless of traffic frequency. Walkways must also be installed if regular maintenance (once a month or more) is necessary to service rooftop equipment.

The membranes can be used in conjunction with a galvanized sheet metal spreader plate encased with Icopal SLP300 fleece to prevent compression of the insulation. The spreader plate is secured to the roof deck on top of the insulation and beneath the roofing membrane.

Consult Icopal Limited for recommendations and details of use.

Spectraplan SM Membrane


Polyester scrim reinforced thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) membrane for mechanically fastened roofing systems.

Showing 1-36 of 1499