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Bamburgh Clinic

Briggs Amasco Ltd

The deck on this project consisted of a prefabricated ready insulated timber casette structure which was craned into position, a breather membrane was then fitted followed by the standing seam system. Finally an especially large capacity external gutter system was designed and fitted.

Chemical-environmental laboratories

DuPont Tyvek

The northern facade of the new building housing the chemical laboratories of the University of Insubria’s Department of Science and High Technology (in Como, Italy) which benefits from the installation of DuPont™ Tyvek® UV Façade advanced breather membrane.

Steel frame clad with curved rendered rainscreen

SAS Europe Ltd

Metres from the North Sea, the 22-million-pound redevelopment of Bridlington Leisure World has a steel frame creating sweeping curves to a staggered façade, using ProBoard's ability to bend to a radius of 1.5m. The ProWall system uses a flexible ProBoard render carrier board fixed to timber battens over breather membrane, backing board and insulated steel frame. ProRend Lite was used as a lightweight basecoat incorporating ProMesh Grade 3 reinforcement mesh. The ProWall system was finished with the flexible, silicone resin based ProRend Colourtex decorative render to create a low maintenance and durable finish.

Structural Waterproofing and gas proofing using membranes (twin solutions)

Delta Membrane Systems Ltd

The design concept of this project focuses on the demolition of an existing building and replacing it with a new build mixed use development of 6 storeys (plus basement) 9 self-contained units on floors 1-5 and 377sq m of commercial space on the basement and ground floors. During the Phase 1 Primary Risk Assessment, borehole and trial pits revealed Dibenzo (a,h)anthracene, CO², TPH and Asbestos contamination. The proposed remedial strategy to be adopted at the site was one of managing the pathway between the source of contamination and the critical receptors on-site.

Koster TPO Single Ply membrane - Overlay Project.

Koster Aquatecnic Ltd

The Koster TPO Single Ply Membrane was chosen to overlay an existing and failed flat roof on a coastal school on the Isle of Man. The Koster TPO was carefully designed and installed over the old asphalt covering to thus extend the buildings life and provide a safe environment for the pupils and teachers. The Koster TPO was fully bonded and mechanically fixed to the main roof substrate in order to combat the anticipated wind loading. for more information please contact admin@kosteruk.com

The Gunnery, Kent

Delta Membrane Systems Ltd

The Gunnery, Kent is a unique and interesting project. Delta Membranes were appointed as Waterproofing Designer to transform an unused fort/home in Kingsdown, Kent. The building was situated 92ft on a cliff edge. The Gunnery was originally a military base with extended underground rooms and thought to have ‘secret rooms’ underground. The building had suffered from fire damage as well as vandalism over the years and had been left to ruin. During a site visit various considerations were given to what Delta product would be best suited to the job, given the restrictions imposed by the existing structure.

BRE Flood Reilient Test Home

Delta Membrane Systems Ltd

Delta Membranes were delighted to be invited by the BRE in adapting a property which could offer Flood Resilience. A housing unit within the BRE (a Victorian Terrace) was refurbished to demonstrate materials, products and innovations that will make it flood resilient. There are an estimated 5.2 million homes considered at risk from surface, river and coastal flooding. Preventative measures play a key role. The specification for resilience, using the same technology Delta have used for many years in Basements or below ground situations with additional consideration as to how we could adapt this to work in flood situations.

Luxury North London Residence

Delta Membrane Systems Ltd

Delta Membrane Systems Limited was asked to assistance on a particularly technically complicated project. The project in question was a new build luxury property in North London, providing almost 17,000 sq ft of accommodation, over four floors.  High volumes of hydrostatic water pressure was bearing on the structure, which was causing the property to suffer severe water ingress through construction joints. The property when constructed was built at a low level, it sits lower than the neighbouring properties adding to the hydrostatic water pressure issue.  An additional problem was the property had been built without a waterbar/hydrophilic strip.

IKO Armourplan PVC single ply roof membrane - Arnold Hill Academy Nottingham

SIG Design & Technology

The £14m Arnold Hill Academy is part of the Priority School Building Programme (PSBP) and is being constructed adjacent to the existing school in Nottingham. The new Academy’s 3,570m2 flat roof covers 8,200m2 of replacement teaching space, science labs, an indoor sports hall and a drama studio. The project team at Wates Group had already identified potential roofing products. Due to the unconventional roof specification they asked SIG Design & Technology to recommend a product that would work in tandem to deliver the required performances.

North London Synagogue - Structural Waterproofing Basement

Delta Membrane Systems Ltd

This project is unusual and offered an interesting scope. Delta was approached to give assistance on designing a robust waterproofing solution to a new build basement within a Synagogue in North London. The main contractor having previously worked with Delta, knew Delta would be able to provide this project with a high calibre waterproofing design whilst offering respect for the community it serves.

Waterproofing Solutions for Sporting Facility

Delta Membrane Systems Ltd

This large new-build structure required to be waterproofed to meet BS 8102:2009, the British Standard for the Protection of Structures against Water from the Ground requirements. As it is not possible to determine the amount of potential water pressure surrounding the structure, BS 8102:2009 states the waterproofing designer should expect a head of water against the structure at some stage during the structure’s service life.

Basement Waterproofing

Delta Membrane Systems Ltd

This luxurious residential project incorporated a double level basement with the lower level extending out underneath the garden. In regards to the below ground structure Knowles & Associates Ltd undertook the following works: Excavation and formation of a basement to footprint and under 7 metres below garden level. Two/three stage underpinning. Internal steel staircase frame. Piling. Mass excavation of spoil. Construction of rear extension. Below slab drainage. Cavity drain Waterproofing. Insulation and screed. Swimming pool shell within lower level basement.

Tunnel Waterproofing, London Underground

Delta Membrane Systems Ltd

The brief of this project was to carry out a trial on a section of track (the Metropolitan Line) located close to Farringdon station to provide an elastic, permanent repair waterproofing solution which would not cause any detrimental effect to the structure nor the trains passing through it.

Cumbria Flood Resilience Showcase Project

Delta Membrane Systems Ltd

Edenside Barn is a real-life demonstration property in the Cumbria Flood Resilient Showcase Project. The idea behind the Flood Resilient Showcase Project was to use products and materials that will try to keep water out of properties prone to flooding. In a flooding event that is less severe, those products (all of which have been tested to a high specification) are expected to reduce water ingress.

West London – Combination Waterproofing (2 forms) to BS 8102:2009

Delta Membrane Systems Ltd

When specifying the most appropriate method of waterproofing for a new-build basement it is advisable to follow the recommendations within BS 8102:2009 ‘Code of Practice for Protection of Below Ground Structures Against Water from the Ground’. The standard advises on the types of waterproofing available and confirms the performance grade to be achieved. This project required Grade 3 protection – no dampness or water penetration acceptable.

Rose Hall Cottage, Flood Resilience Project

Delta Membrane Systems Ltd

Delta’s design philosophy was to devise a suitable flood resilience measure that would protect this property from the effects of future flooding, like what had previous occurred. Information gleaned from the survey visit enabled Delta to offer a fully effective solution for the intermittent yet long term flooding problem.

Waterproofing vaults (using Type C Systems)

Delta Membrane Systems Ltd

Vaults are a common feature of 18th and 19th century buildings in Bath. Originally built to support the cobbled streets above and were a constructional response to the precipitous topography that surrounds Bath, in order to provide a level site. Many of the vaults within historic Bath suffer with water ingress and damp related problems. Incorporating best practice guidance - Type C Waterproofing Systems (BS 8102: 2009) a Type C System was used to keep this historic vault watertight and dry.

Basement Extension

Delta Membrane Systems Ltd

The project was split into 2 phases. Phase 1, waterproofing the exiting basement and Phase 2, retrofit extension to the existing basement to create a luxurious multiuse living area. Due to the partially retaining nature of the structure, the project required a combination of Type B and C waterproofing systems to ensure a Grade 3 habitable environment.

The Hub, Hattersley - Leaking Podium Deck

Delta Membrane Systems Ltd

Delta were employed to assist on this leaking podium deck project. Following a full assessment of The Hub and its underground parking facilities it was identified that rainwater was entering the basement car park through the ceiling deck at multiple points. These points included holes that were formed to allow drainage from the surface, movement joints and investigation holes that had been created through the steel rib and concrete deck. Based on “as built plans” a system was designed post construction that would offer the same quality of structural protection had it been incorporated during the build phase.

Public House Cellar Conversion

Delta Membrane Systems Ltd

Delta Registered Installers, Oaks Damp Proofing having previously undertaken work for the client were commissioned to design and install a Cavity Drain Waterproofing system that would meet BS8102:2009 the British Standard for the protection of structures against water from the ground, Grade 3 (no dampness or water penetration acceptable) to the cellar area of The Blonde Hedgehog. The Cellar having been used historically to store beer was not waterproofed historically. Beer cellars are notable for being very cold and wet. For hundreds of years beer cellars were always underground – because underground rooms are generally quite cool.

Showing 1-36 of 143