Aluminium Louvre Grille 415

Framed, fixed louvre aluminium ventilator, for insertion in window frame.

  • Enables secure, weather resistant ventilation with exclusion of insects. Visual free area: 39 %.
  • Aluminium profiles with choice of finish. Blades at 33.5 mm centres.
  • Suitable for insertion into glazing aperture of double glazed windows. Install using glazing blocks.
  • Choice of unit to suit glazing unit thickness.
  • Projection of nib to glazing rebate. 21 mm.
  • Approximately flush external and internal profiles.
  • Suitable for aluminium, PVC-U, wood or composite frames.
  • Dimensions (minimum): 130 x 130 mm, made to measure.
  • Water tightness at wind speed 1 m/s: Class C (average), without water channel.

General information


Aluminium alloy: AlMgSi 0.5 to DIN 1748

Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_59_57_58 Overhead ventilatorsPrimary


L10/10 Wood windows

L10/15 Wood windows

L10/20 Steel windows

L10/210 Wood windows

L10/250 Wood windows

L10/30 PVC-U windows

L10/31 PVC-U windows

L10/315 Steel windows

L10/33 Proprietary windows

L10/330 Aluminium windows

L10/335 Aluminium windows

L10/350 PVC-U windows

L10/360 PVC-U windows

L10/380 PVC-U windows

L10/390 Proprietary windows

Specification data - Overhead ventilators

Product Reference

Aluminium Louvre Grille 415, hit-and-miss

Aluminium Louvre Grille 415, rectangular

Aluminium Louvre Grille 415, round

Aluminium Louvre Grille 415, self-assembly


Visible aperture (w x h), ___ x ___ x mm

Depth of glazing rebate ___ mm

As drawing ___

Equivalent glazing thickness

24 mm

28 mm

32 mm

Finish (aluminium components)

Anodized, bronze

25 µ. Type E6/ EV1 to DIN 17611.

Anodized, natural

25 µ. Type E6/ C34 to DIN 17611.

Polyester powder coating, RAL colour ___, sheen ___ %

60–70 µ.

Polyester powder coating, Syntha Pulvin colour ___, sheen ___ %

60–70 µ.

Other requirements


Insect mesh, 2.3 x 2.3 mm

Standard option. Grade 304 stainless steel.

Insect mesh, 6 x 6 mm

Nonstandard option. Grade 304 stainless steel.

Water channel

Standard product features


Aluminium alloy: AlMgSi 0.5 to DIN 1748.

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