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A tree-friendly, porous tree pit surface made from resin bonded gravel forming a porous cap over the tree pit.


A range of tree protection, root management and structural soil systems.


A 100% biodegradable hessian material for making tree ties.

RootRain Arborvent

A heavy duty, large capacity tree irrigation and aeration system for use in hard paved areas.

RootRain Civic

A large capacity tree irrigation system for use in soft landscaping only.

RootRain Urban

A large capacity tree irrigation and aeration system for soft landscaping.

RootRain Hydrovent

The Hydrovent irrigation system (RRHYDR1A) comprises of a cast aluminium (LM6) inlet with an anodised aluminium (5083) lid. The lid is connected to the inlet with a non-removable stainless steel nyloc fixing which allows the lid to lift and swing to one side if required.

The inlet is 120 mm diameter and 40 mm deep. The overall width reduces down to 72 mm externally with a ribbed internal face to accept the push fit connection of 60 mm perforated pipe. The inlet has 2No protruding lugs on opposite sides which secures the inlet firmly into place when used with GreenBlue Urban tree grilles. 

This design is an anti-vandal deterrent and ensures that the inlet stays flush with tree surround into which it is fitted. The system is supplied with 3 linear meters of 60 mm pipe and 1No 60 mm ‘tee’ fittings.  

The Hydrovent system is supplied in kit form for installation on site. The correct installation comprises of a ring of pipe positioned horizontally around the root ball of the tree, about a third of the way down the root ball and connected using the tee pieces to the vertical riser and terminating with the aluminium inlet which will fit flush with the immediate tree surround. Irrigation of a tree via a Hydrogrille will ensure no water is wasted and the water is delivered to exactly where the tree needs it. 

RootSoil 20

A sandy loam topsoil rooting material.

RootSpace 600 Infill

RootSpace is the only structural soil system to provide an optional side panel for increased stability against lateral ground movements. Can be used around perimeter of the installation where there is aliklihood of post planting subterranean ground settlement.

RootSpace 600 Upright

Open lattice structure for fast fill and reduced installation time. Interlocking recycled material ensures less plastic and reduced costs - providing huge strength.

RootSpace Airflow QR (Quick Release) Top

Fast interconnection with neighbouring cap and class leading structural strength. Central aperture designed to collect debris and diffuse water flow into soil zonem reducing potential for water flow erosion.

RootSpace Soil Structure System

An open skeletal structural soil support system for preventing soil compaction underneath hard landscape surfaces.


An open skeletal structural soil support system for preventing soil compaction underneath hard landscape surfaces.

Tree Guard Tie

Designed to keep the trunk of a newly planted tree central in relation to the top of the tree guard.

Tree Tie Systems

Nylon reinforced rubber belt with accessories including different size pads and spacer sleeves.

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