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Founded in 1992, GreenBlue Urban Ltd (formerly Greenleaf) was formed to conduct research into urban tree planting practices and provide solutions that assist trees in their battle to establish in towns and cities. With the goal of drastically improving urban tree planting success and increasing leaf canopy in urban areas, GreenBlue Urban tirelessly analyses the challenges, the causes of failure and the reasons for premature mortality. Having identified the key issues in these areas, particularly poor planting methods, the company systematically researches solutions for these issues and designs practical products and systems to address them. Local authorities, landscape architects, engineers and other related professionals have turned to Greenleaf for many years, and now GreenBlue Urban continues to offer guidance and best practice advice in tree planting implementation. As the UK's market leader in specialist tree pit products, it is able to offer the results of nearly twenty five years of frontline experience, exhaustive research, product development and field trials. Its support service, unrivalled in the tree planting world, can help you achieve your vision.

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Trade names

  • AnchorPlate
  • ArborFlow
  • ArborGuy
  • ArborResin
  • ArborSoil
  • ArborSystem
  • ArborVent
  • NatureTie
  • ReRoot
  • Root Director
  • RootCell
  • RootForm
  • RootRain Civic
  • RootRain Metro
  • RootRain Urban
  • RootSpace
  • RootStart
  • StrataCell