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Goldhawk Road SUDS Tree Pit

The Goldhawk Road scheme is the flagship demonstration of their commitment to the adoption of innovative and enlightened developments in environmental welfare. In the years ahead they, and their local residents will be reaping the benefits of this integrated up-grade of a heavily used transport artery. The scheme designers have achieved improved traffic efficiency and safety plus a much more attractive public realm environment. The planting of trees will contribute to the absorption of pollutants and carbon as well as softening the visual aspects of urban streets.

Leonard Circus - ArborSystem

The London Borough of Hackney has established a reputation for proactive and innovative upgrading of its street environment. The advent of the Central London Congestion Charging Zone radically changed the traffic pattern in Leonard Circus, London, EC2. Pedestrian and cycling traffic have dramatically increased following the significant reduction in motor traffic. In order to facilitate the new traffic pattern and also to calm vehicular movements the ‘shared space’ system pioneered by the Dutch traffic engineer, Hans Monderman, developed in the UK by Stephen O’Malley. The result is regulated and calmed traffic conditions plus a greener and more attractive environment.

Northwood Hills Regeneration

The Northwood Hills project received £1.3 million investment from the GLA and £461,000 match funding from Hillingdon Council. The scheme included a series of improvements to roads and transportation arrangements. Joel Street has been resurfaced and the parking bays redesigned to allow safer entry and exit onto the high street. A new central boulevard has been introduced which allows for safer crossing and it has been planted with 35 carpinus betulus frans fontain trees to provide an attractive feature. GBU were pleased to provide a package to include StrataCells 30, Arborvents, RootDirectors, Geonet, Deadman AnchorSystems, & Precast Arboresin.

Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow

Central to the Green Avenues plan was Sauchiehall Street a showcase on how green infrastructure can be used to change human behaviour by challenging the dominance of vehicles in the public realm. Twenty eight specimen trees have been planted in full GreenBlue Urban ArborSystems, providing a strong visual segregation between vehicles and pedestrians/cyclists. The tree pits are linked together, providing maximum rooting space in uncompacted aerated soil, giving the trees the best opportunity of attaining species potential. As well as the aesthetic attractiveness, these trees also provide a measure of pollution absorbance, and help cope with stormwater management

SuDS Scheme - Keighley West Yorkshire

To maximise the value of the tree planting,the pits were used as storm water attenuation and treatment pits, taking water from the carriageway, passing it through a stone layer on the top of the tree pit and then filtering it down through the Arborsoil Hydro soil mix provided for the root growth. The water then transferred through a clean stone layer to an underdrain to a storm water drain. This method of conveyance gives an acceptable level of pollutant removal and slows the water down so that the existing drainage network can cope with the increasingly violent storm events.

Showing 1-5 of 5