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Delta Membrane Systems Ltd

Delta Membranes

+44 (0)1992 523523 www.deltamembranes.com

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A studded membrane designed to combat dampness and contamination in floor applications.


High-density polyethylene (HDPE) dimpled sheeting.

Dual V4P

Packaged pump station for groundwater collection.

Dual V6P

Packaged pump station for groundwater collection.

Köster 21

Two component, solvent free, liquid applied waterproofing material.

Köster Capillary Rods

Patented injection wick for the uniform distribution of Köster Mautrol Liquid Sealant and Köster Crisin 76.

Köster Crisin 76 Concentrate

Concentrated, solvent-free synthetic resin against capillary rising moisture in walls, independent of moisture content and salt contamination.

Köster MS Flex Foil

Very easy to apply, single component, fast curing, highly elastic, UV-resistant waterproofing with very good adhesion to numerous substrates.

Köster NB 4000

Two-component, mineral, thick film sealant. Quickly rain and waterproof.

Köster PU 907

Elastic, single-component, low modulus polyurethane sealant.

Showing 37-72 of 83