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Köster Waterstop

Expanding plugging and repair mortar for sealing water leakages.

Memtech Titan - Plastics sheets

Safe solution for the protection of buildings and occupiers against all levels of hydrocarbon, methane, CO2 and Radon gas ingress. Conforms to BS 8485:2015 and requirements of CIRIA 748 VOC membranes. Resistant to range of aggressive hydrocarbons, durability and chemical resistance tested in accordance with EN 14414-A.

Memtech Titan Bond - Plastics sheets

Pre-applied waterproofing membrane and VOC gas barrier conforming to the requirements of BS 8102 (2009) Type A barrier Protection and BS 8485:2015 and CIRIA 748. Provides a safe solution for below ground structures against hydrocarbons, VOCS and ground gases as well as a fully compliant pre-applied waterproofing membrane. Suitable for basements, retaining walls, tunnels and foundations.


A brown dimpled membrane with a mesh face, providing a key for plaster, render or dab fixed plasterboard.


Sump pump battery backup.

Showing 73-83 of 83