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Basement Pump & Drainage Brochure

Basement Sumps & Drainage solutions for below ground structure designs - robust basement waterproofing systems to protect structures from water ingress. A wide range of Basement Drainage Pumps, Sump Pumps, High Level Water Alarms and Battery Back-up Systems.

BDA Certificate - Delta DualProof

The BDA Agrément® process is designed to underpin the ‘fitness for purpose’ of products destined for the European construction market. Products are examined and rigorously tested following precise installation instructions. Agréments confirm the compliance and durability of the product under the specified method of installation.

Delta AlertMaxx2 High Level Water Alarm

The AlertMaxx2 is an intelligent Wi-fi enabled high water level alarm, designed to detect high water levels within a pump chamber. The alarm is normally powered by 240V, but has battery backup in case of a power failure. When used with a cavity drain system, the alarm carries out regular health checks on the pump system. It also provides an audible and visible warning if a pump fails. This ensures your basement remains protected from water ingress.

Delta Ancillary Product Brochure

At Delta, we recognise the need to offer our customers a complete solution to Type C Waterproofing Systems. Our ancillary product range ensures we deliver. Type C Waterproofing ancillary products which work with Cavity Drainage Systems in basements and below ground construction.

Delta Aquaduct Drainage Pipe Product Data Sheet

Delta Aquaduct is a drainage channel which acts as a perimeter conduit bedded in at the floor/wall angle. Where appropriate, it can be laid under the slab to take off ground water to a sump or soak away and reduce floatation pressures from being on the slab. Designed for long life and maintenance-free service in even the harshest environments. Tough and durable with exceptional resistance to abrasion and cutting for use on a wide variety of ground conditions. No corrosion or scaling. Resistant to heat, fuels, chemicals, UV, ozone, weathering, hydrolysis and microbiological attack. No contamination of drinking water supplies.

Delta AT 800

Delta AT 800 is an innovative Type C Drainage Membrane which conforms to BS 8102:2009 and BS 8485:2015+A1:2019, Table 7 achieving waterproofing and ground gas protection simultaneously. Delta AT 800 offers maximum protection in just one application. Designed to offer drainage protection in Type C waterproofing (Grade 3 environment) in accordance with BS 8102:2009 this innovative membrane also offers barrier protection to ground gases Carbon Dioxide, Radon and Methane in accordance with BS 8485:2015 +A1:2019, Table 7 with high adhesion to the application of flame retardants. This Virgin Polymer profiled membrane with superior drainage capacity and compressive strength has been used in the construction of the Gothard tunnel and several stations of the Moscow Metro.

Delta Cavity Drain Brochure

Maintainable basement waterproofing solution ideal for new-build basements and refurbishment projects. In principle a cavity drain membrane system allows moisture or running water to travel behind the membrane within a controlled drainage system. A cavity drain system requires minimal preparation and disturbance to an existing substrate. Type C Structural Waterproofing Brochure.

Delta Certificate of Conformity

The exception quality of a number of products in the Dörken range Delta Membrane Systems is further endorsed by an Attestation of Conformity. The CE Attestation of Conformity confirms that Delta-drain, Delta-FLORAXX, Delta-FLORAXX TOP, Delta-GEO-DRAIN 800 TP, Delta-GEO-DRAIN Quattro, Delta-NP-DRAIN, Delta-TERRAXX, Delta-LANDSCHAFTSVLIES and Delta- DRÄNAGEVLIES, are in conformity with CE marking EN 13252. All of these products fulfill the requirements of M/107 mandatory for the EU construction directive (89/106/EEC).

Delta Channel Product Data Sheet

Delta Channel is a Cavity Drainage System that manages water penetration. A Cavity Drainage System comprises of a range of products that collectively manage water ingress at weaknesses within a structure and then discharge this collective water in a controlled fashion. Delta Channel is a component part used within the Type C Cavity Drainage System. Delta Channel is a distinctive yellow, PVC drainage conduit designed to manage water ingress.

Delta Chemical Resistance

Chemical resistance from HDPE membranes like DELTA MS, DELTA MS 20, DELTA TERRAXX, DELTA DRAIN, DELTA GEO DRAIN Quattro and DELTA PT

Delta Cornerstrip

Delta Cornerstrip is a one-sided sealing tape typically used for connecting and sealing Delta Type C Cavity Drainage Systems together where they join or overlap. It can also be used for patch repairs, detailing and creates a vapour seal. When applying this onto steel the steel should be cleaned and primed with our bitumen primer.

Delta Damp Proofing Brochure

Deltas Damp Proofing brochure summarizes key messages for homeowners, architects, specifiers, developers and contractors offering solutions to prevent and reduce dampness in structures and ways to remove damp and mould once it occurs. More than a sales magazine, we believe our Damp Proofing brochure effectively showcases great products through truly inspiring design. This 40-page document has been artistically designed simply and effectively to guide you from design philosophies to remedies available.

Delta Detailing Brochure

Deltas newest edition of brochure offers architects, specifiers, developers, contractors and homeowners advice on continuous waterproofing solutions. In its most basic form, Deltas newest edition is instinctive - a wet basement requires remedial works, if there is an active leak, it requires stopping whilst it is understood that there are numerous waterproofing solutions available, are these systems and solutions continuous and able to withstand the test of time and offer durability to the structure life cycle? The main objective of this brochure is to provide some steps that can be immediately followed in any kind of structural waterproofing project to reduce the risks, to facilitate understanding and to improve the expected results.

Delta Drainage Channel Product Brochure for Cavity Drain Systems

Perimeter drainage channel for basement waterproofing (Type C) Cavity Drainage Systems. It can be used in most waterproofing situations and is particularly suited for use in conjunction with Delta MS 20 & MS 500 Cavity Drain Membrane Systems.

Delta Dual V3 Sump Pump

The Dual V3 packaged pump station has been specifically designed to work in harmony with the Delta Cavity Drainage System to collect Ground Water via a perimeter channel or 110mm pipe (129 Detail). Pumping applications are invariably demanding typically operating in unsympathetic, arduous or extreme environments, where quality matters. The Dual V3 sump offers unrivalled capabilities.

Delta Dual V4 Sump Pump

The Delta Dual V4 packaged pump station has been specifically designed to work in utility with the Delta Cavity Drainage System to collect ground water. Suitable for larger floor areas of up to 150m2 and or a surface area of up to 12m2. Where larger surface areas are involved the drainage capacity of a sump chamber and discharge flow rate of the pumps become greater. The delta Dual V4 Sump Pump system offers a flow rate of 3ltrs per second to a pumping height of 3 meters but with a maximum pumping head of 7 meters.

Delta Dual V6 Sump Pump

The Delta Dual V6 Sump & Pump Unit is designed for use in deep basements, basements of more than one storey or where long discharge runs are required. The Dual V6 are upgrades to the standard Dual V3 sump pumps where higher discharge heads are required. They can collect groundwater from a cavity drainage membrane system and light wells that totals up to 12m². Groundwater enters via the membrane system and drainage channels and collects through the top opening of the sump or via three 110mm pipe inlets. The water is then pumped via two powerful V6 float-activated submersible pumps to mains drainage or another suitable outlet.

Delta DualProof Declaration of Performance

The document applies when a construction product is covered by a harmonised standard or conforms to a European Technical Assessment. The DoP details the product and the standard and contains information about its performance in relation to the essential characteristics defined within the applicable harmonised technical specification. As from 1July 2013 CE marking must be applied to a product which has either a current DoP or apreviously issued Declaration of Conformity (DoC) under the Construction Products Directive (CPD). The manufacturer through provision of a DoP assumes legal responsibility for the conformity of the product.

Delta DualProof Guidance and Installation Brochure

DualProof is a Type A waterproofing pre-applied, sealed two layer highly flexible PVC membrane laminated with a non-woven PP-fleece, composite waterproofing membrane which forms a permanent mechanical bond with freshly poured concrete preventing the tracking of water between the waterproofing membrane and the concrete sub-structure. DualProof is easily applied - No need for complicated welding equipment and simple to install, overlapping can be easily secured with Delta Double-sided Tape and detailing around corners with CEM 805 adhesive. DualProof can be applied horizontally as well as vertically and is used in all applications where structures require protection against groundwater and seepage

Delta Fassade

Assured protection in all back-vented facing constructions featuring open joints of up to 20mm wide, that cover no more than 20% of the surface, is given by the Delta-FASSADE range from Delta Membrane Systems. Delta-FASSADE consists of a highly tear-resistant polyester cloth with a waterproof special coating. It is uv-resistant and offers high permeability to inside vapour thanks to its Sd value of about 0.02m. A comfortable interior climate in wooden post and beam constructions is assured. Delta-FASSADE S brings enhanced specification. It provides heat insulation in all back-vented facing constructions featuring open joints up to 50mm wide that cover no more than 40% of the surface. Also available, and offered for interior application, Delta-REFLEX is an air and vapour barrier.

Delta Fix Adhestive Product Data Sheet

Delta Fix Adhesive is formulated as an adhesive for bonding & anchoring most building materials e.g. brick, stone, steel, mortar & timber. Suitable for fixing bolts and penetrations through waterproof coatings to provide a waterproof seal. Once cured Delta Fix Adhesive creates a strong stress free joint regardless of the surrounding environment.

Delta Fleece Tape Product Data Sheet

Fleece Tape is a one-sided sealing tape with its fleece backing it is ideal for plastering or rendering directly onto. Delta Fleece Tape has been designed for use with our Delta PT membranes. Suitable for joint sealing, detailing around service penetrations where Delta PT membranes have been installed. Available in a 100mm x 20m roll.

Delta Flexi Dri Plus Plugs

Flexi Dri Plugs are patented expandable fixing plugs which offer extra grip and are unique to Delta Membrane Systems Limited. Delta Flexidri Plus Plugs are a handy hammer-in fixings which contain an expandable waterproof seal for use with cavity drain membranes for use on multiple substrates. The Flexidri Plus Plug incorporates a threaded aperture in the head portion to accommodate a 5mm dia/ size 10 fixing screw for subsequent installation of wall ties and/or dry lining systems (100mm shank x 90mm). Available in a box of 100.

Delta Flood Resilience, Resistance and Recoverability

Structural Waterproofing experts, such as Delta Membrane Systems Limiteds knowledge-based experience is invaluable in bring tried and tested materials and approaches into flood resilience measures. Delta Membrane Systems Limited have been an active member of member of the PCA Flood Resilience Group and have cemented their knowledge in flood resilience by joining Mary Dhouau on the Cumbria Resilience Showcase Project. Deltas Technical Teams meticulous approach to flood recoverability incorporating structural waterproofing solutions, has seen projects meet insurance industry standards (meaning home and business owners) will be able to insure previously uninsurable properties.

Delta FM Declaration of Performance

Delta FM is a Virgin High Performance PE-VHD. Specifically designed for floor applications to combat capillary dampness and contamination. The low stud profile (4 mm) minimises the impact upon existing floor levels but still provides an air gap to achieve damp pressure equalisation. The special low profile offered by Delta FM is excellent for detailing existing staircases and tight spaces. Delta FM can be linked to other Delta MS membranes. A fast-track application which allows for various floor finishes to be achieved with zero ‘down time’. The Declaration of Performance is a key part of the Construction Products Regulation. It provides information on the performance of a product.

Delta FM Product Data Sheet

Delta FM is a Virgin High Performance PE-VHD. Specifically designed for floor applications to combat capillary dampness and contamination. The low stud profile (4.5 mm) minimises the impact upon existing floor levels but still provides an air gap to achieve damp pressure equalisation. The special low profile offered by Delta FM is excellent for detailing existing staircases and tight spaces.

Delta Hi-PowerMaxx

The Delta Hi-PowerMaxx provides battery backup for larger pumps such as the V4, V6, Foul and Bespoke V3 basement pumps when there is a loss of mains power. If the pump loses power, the battery backup system kicks in and keeps the pump running (see spec for guidance on cycles per pump on the battery back up system). This allows the sump pumps to continue to safely discharging water from a basement even during a power cut. This battery backup is specifically designed to run one or two V4, V6, Foul and Bespoke V3 basement pumps without mains power. When power fails, the pump(s) automatically take power from the Delta Hi-PowerMaxx. This battery backup will have been fully charged during mains operation. It will automatically recharge when mains power returns.

Showing 1-36 of 89