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Imerys HP10


Large module interlocking clay roof tile with a thin tapered leading edge.


Britmet Lightweight Roofing

A Lightweight steel tile panel system which is designed to give a pantile profile, for the use on conventional steel or timber roof structures with a minimum low pitch of 10 - 90 degrees.

Available in two thicknesses, 0.45 mm and 0.9 mm (anti-vandal) from high grade aluzinc or pre-coated galvanised steel in a range of six granulated finishes and six chic (smooth) finishes.

Each tile covers 0.46 m2 and weighs only 7.2 kgm2 for the 0.45 mm steel tile and 10.8 kgm2 for the 0.9 mm metal tile. The 0.9 mm metal panel gives added security and safety for applications that may require heavy foot traffic and protection from vandalism.

British manufactures to suit UK roof profiles.

Diamond slates

Cembrit Ltd

Fibre cement slates reminiscent of the original ‘red diamond’ slates first used in the first half of the 20th century.


Britmet Lightweight Roofing

A lightweight metal tile effect panel system designed to give a plaintile profile. For the use on conventional steel of timber structures as well as vertical cladding, with a low pitch of 15 to 90 degrees.

The Britmet plaintile profile gives you a true broken bond plaintile appearance and offers incredible value and superior performance to traditional plaintile products.

The lightweight steel plaintile, broken bond profile, gives the client unmatched vandal and weather resistance, made in two thicknesses 0.45 mm 0.9 mm (anti-vandal)in a range of 6 granulated colours and is a British manufactured product. Each panel covers 0.2 of a m2 making plaintile 10 x faster to fit and 10 x lighter at only 8 kg per m2

Slate 2000

Britmet Lightweight Roofing

For sealing the top and side courses of tiles. For projects with a hip and dual pitch and compatible with the Britmet Slate 2000 profile. Manufactured to the highest standards.

With a length of 1.25 m the Slate 2000 ridge and hip flashing are dry fixed and extremely fast to install.

Showing 1-36 of 167