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Associated Lead Mills

Needle-punched, non-woven geotextile polyester materials in two unit weights – 200 and 220 g/m². Suitable for uneven surfaces, e.g. traditional timber boards. They do not rot or cause adhesion and allow space for air flow between lead sheet and substrate.


  • Reduce drag arising from thermal movement of lead sheet over substrate.
  • Assist in the protection of lead against condensation corrosion, or chemical attack from stone, concrete or timber.
  • Protect lead from damage due to any uneven nature of substrate and provide support against downward pressure.

Delta® Drain - Drainage sheet

Delta Membrane Systems Ltd

Delta®-Drain is a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) double dimpled sheet with integral polypropylene geotextile for the protection of foundation wall waterproofing against mechanical damage, and for reliable drainage of stratified and slope water.

Memtech Titan - Plastics sheets

Delta Membrane Systems Ltd

Safe solution for the protection of buildings and occupiers against all levels of hydrocarbon, methane, CO2 and Radon gas ingress. Conforms to BS 8485:2015 and requirements of CIRIA 748 VOC membranes. Resistant to range of aggressive hydrocarbons, durability and chemical resistance tested in accordance with EN 14414-A.


Mapei (UK) Ltd

Completely removable installation system for ceramic tiles and stone materials. Can also be used as an anti-fracture and removable membrane.

Showing 1-36 of 248