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De Amazones, Den Bosch - Window Ventilators

Duco Ventilation & Sun Control NV

Duco responds to the requirement to create a healthy as well as (acoustically) comfortable indoor climate by using self-regulating window ventilators in the form of DucoFit 50 ‘SR’, DucoMax ‘SR’ and GlasMax ‘SR’. “DucoFit 50 ‘SR’ lends itself perfectly for use on the lower floors of the tower blocks whereas DucoMax ‘SR’ and GlasMax ‘SR’ window ventilators are eminently suitable at heights between 20 and 40 metres.

Natural ventilation at Dyer HQ

Dyer Environmental Controls Ltd

Dyer HQ is located in Stockport, Cheshire, and is home to our planning, installation, maintenance and technical support teams. From here, we look after customers from all over the UK. Our systems showcase our extensive range of D+H products we have to offer, for both natural and smoke ventilation and we welcome all visitors to view these systems in action.

Pepenbury chooses EnviroVent for better ventilation

EnviroVent Ltd

Pepenbury, a charity based in West Kent that provides care and support to people with learning disabilities, has chosen EnviroVent’s heatSava Single Room Heat Recovery Units to improve indoor air quality, reduce condensation and enhance energy efficiency. The charity approached EnviroVent to recommend an effective ventilation solution for its residential unit which supports 70 people and is based in Tunbridge Wells. Following a survey by a ventilation specialist, EnviroVent recommended that each bedroom was fitted with a heatSava 150 to provide constant ventilation and improve indoor air quality by maintaining relative humidity levels.

Natural & smoke ventilation at Southway and Charter

Dyer Environmental Controls Ltd

Dyer and Fieger combined to install a new smoke vent louvre system in 2 high rise blocks in Eccles. This EN-Certified smoke louvre provides a more effective smoke ventilation system whilst proving a similar and safer natural ventilation solution, especially at high level. Dyer Environmental Controls worked closely with Fieger in order to develop a bespoke design. Together, Dyer and Fieger provided a practicable solution to meet the combined requirements of Approved Document B and Approved Document K.

Natural ventilation at The Florence

Dyer Environmental Controls Ltd

Dyer Environmental Controls were delighted to have been included on a restoration project in conjunction with other specialists to bring the “Florrie” in Liverpool back to life. After years of neglect the grade II listed Florence Institute has received a full restoration programme. Working with A&B Engineering who provided the replica windows, Dyer were able to automate the opening of the windows using the unique Solis – our solar powered chain drive.

Bespoke Glazed Sliding Smoke Ventilators

Surespan Ltd

AOV Glazed Sliding Smoke Vents These huge electrically operated sliding glazed roof hatches also provide free airflow of 7m² for smoke ventilation! These bespoke designs were part of a redevelopment on Great Portland Street in London. The covers were 4610 x 1955mm and featured an electrically driven opening motor. The covers provide 7m² free air flow (As it is sliding there are no obstructions to the ventilation) according to approved document B (fire safety) paragraph 5b diagram C.7. A further fixed rooflight was also supplied to the size of 4935mm x 1955mm, the multi-pane rooflight provides natural daylight.

Natural & smoke ventilation at New Charter Academy

Dyer Environmental Controls Ltd

The Academy, designed by Faulkner Browns Architects, is designed to create a healthier environment in which to learn by incorporating an energy efficient natural ventilation system in all classrooms with combined smoke extract in communal areas. Dyer provided solutions for both smoke and natural ventilation, using a number of different systems and drives.

Door Step and Below Door Ventilation

Cast Iron Air Brick Company

Looking down for architectural features in any Georgian town and as well as coal hole covers, manholes and the like you'll see all manner of air bricks and grilles, mostly for sub floor ventilation in property walls. Here is an illustration of a cast iron vent underneath a front door in Regency Bath. Like many it's in a pretty poor state. This one's patched up with steel plate and it's suffocating, what is a key part of the ground floor causing damp. Prevent damp in period property basements and below suspended floors...

Mechanical smoke & passive ventilation at Beacon Tower

Dyer Environmental Controls Ltd

Dyer Environmental Controls Ltd have supplied a mechanical smoke ventilation system to Beacon Tower, a recently renovated block of residential flats in Bristol. Mechanical smoke ventilation is a Fire Engineered Solution, designed to speedily remove smoke from common areas such as corridors and lobbies. It is a very efficient solution proven to work by using a design system known as CFD Computational Fluid Dynamics.

Creaton Tonality Ventilated Façade

T.I. Dynamic Facades

The term “Terracotta rain screen” became popular in the late 1990’s for German clay tile facades. Their popularity was sparked by the design and completion of the Potzdammer Platz in Berlin by architect - Renzo Piano. From that moment onwards, many architects in the UK and Europe were looking for the same product, colour and feel for projects that they were involved in. This type of tile façade was not entirely new as it had been used in Germany for many years as a traditional product for buildings of many... *Please visit our website for the whole case study*

Natural smoke ventilation at City West Housing Trust

Dyer Environmental Controls Ltd

Dyer Environmental Controls are delighted to be installing life-saving smoke ventilation systems as part of the impressive regeneration of 12 high rise blocks in Eccles, Manchester. We provided systems for 5 blocks at Barton Village, 5 blocks at Ladywell Green and a further 2 blocks at Southway and Charter. The high rise improvement programme by City West Housing Trust is working with customers to deliver a cost effective, energy efficient solution for the future.

Fall protection & natural ventilation with woven wire mesh

HAVER Architectural Woven Wire Mesh

The architects needed a material that could act as a security barrier while still maintaining the required open area for natural ventilation on the garage. HAVER Architectural Mesh DOGLA-TRIO 1011 fulfilled their criteria. A standard tensioning system was used with flat tension profiles, clevis screws and springs. One of the most beautiful features of using wire mesh on a building is the effect the sunlight and angle of view have on its appearance. The mesh will look entirely different depending on where you are standing when looking up at the building and what time of day it is.

A Quantum improvement

Glen Dimplex Heating and Ventilation

With a housing stock that dates from the 1900s to present day, Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust provides affordable housing for more than 17,000 people living and working in Aylesbury and the surrounding villages of the Vale. After a successful, no risk, no obligation trial, it was clear that the Dimplex Quantum off-peak heater was a fitting choice for the Trust’s varying housing stock - delivering controllable heat on demand.

London’s Coolest Hotel Warms Up With Dimplex Opti-myst® Technology

Glen Dimplex Heating and Ventilation

With state-of-the art facilities and interior design features throughout, it is little wonder that AccorHotels UK wanted to create a warm, welcoming and unforgettable first impression as guests entered their £90 million hotel. Whilst researching options, Joey’s team came across Dimplex’s Opti-myst® effect, which uses unique, state-of-the-art, patented technology to create the world’s most realistic electric flame effect – a highly convincing illusion of ‘flames’ and ‘smoke’.

Showing 1-36 of 150