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Window Trickle Ventilators

Duco Ventilation & Sun Control NV

With Duco's Demand-Controlled Natural Ventilation Systems a wide range of self-regulating (SR) window ventilators is available for the supply of fresh air. From standard self-regulating tricklevents which can be fitted in every kind of window or installation site, to window vents with sound absorbing qualities for projects where there is exposure to (mild) levels of noise, fire-resistant louvres, custom window ventilators for high-rise buildings, to ventilation and solar shading in a single product or electronically controlled louvres with preheating.

Natural Ventilation System

Duco Ventilation & Sun Control NV

The Duco Comfort System is an easy to install Demand-Controlled Natural Ventilation System (VNV) and provides natural air supply via self-regulating window ventilators in the façade and a mechanical extraction of stale and/or moist air via the central extract unit. This, in combination with the minimal investment, ensures that this system is ideally suited for new buildings and renovations. Indeed, considering that all communication between the different components is fully wireless via an independently developed communication protocol.

Mechanical Air Extraction & Ventilation

Duco Ventilation & Sun Control NV

The DucoBox Silent, combined with exhaust vents, ensures efficient mechanical extraction of stale and/or moist air. As far as exhaust vents are concerned, you can choose between a basic version (DucoVent Basic) and an aesthetic version (DucoVent Design). In addition to this, with the Intelli Air Valve, Duco has a compact system available for common exhaust in high-rise as well as multiple dwelling buildings, student accommodation or non-residential property.

DucoGrille NightVent Ventilative Cooling

Duco Ventilation & Sun Control NV

The DucoGrille NightVent is a glass-replacing ventilation hatch (for glass thicknesses from 24 to 48 mm) protected from outside by an aesthetic window ventilator, with the option of an intrusion-resistant version. Thanks to the flat inside panel, this system boasts a sleek design. A new feature of the DucoGrille NightVent is the ventilation hatch control, which can now be done with manual or fully automatic operation. When choosing for a motorised system, the optional intelligent control based on CO2 and temperature measurements can open/close the ventilation hatch as necessary. In addition, the DucoGrille NightVentcan be connected to a building management system (BMS). In addition, the outside grille is also available in a vandalism-proof or burglarproof version.

Ducos Intrusion-Resistant Solutions Ventilation Louvres, Continuous Louvre Walls and Louvre Doors

Duco Ventilation & Sun Control NV

As a manufacturer of products including ventilation louvres and louvre walls, Duco's range offers a number of innovative, patented solutions that comply with RC2 resistance class according to European standards. Duco has quite a few intrusion-resistant solutions that are extremely suitable for night ventilation / purge ventilation. Duco's intrusion-resistant ventilation louvres, continuous louvre walls and doors can be used in access areas, datacentres, bicycle storage, plant and technical rooms. Test reports of all products are available on request.

Superflow ventilators

Ampelite Australia

Moisture laden air from inside the home, and damp air entering the roof space, can condense and create dampness. Good ventilation prevents damage to roof timbers, and formation of mildew etc. Ceiling insulation is less efficient when damp, and adds to heating costs. Superflow ventilators exhaust the very hot air that becomes trapped in the space between the ceiling and roof. Removing this super heated air prevents heat radiation into the home and makes living conditions more comfortable, and it may also improve bathroom and kitchen ventilation.

Spinaway turbo ventilator

Ampelite Australia

Spinaway turbo ventilators suit tiled or metal roofs with pitches up to 45º. Spinaway provides natural ventilation powered by the wind. No electrical connection or ducting is required and it has maintenance free operation. The system is effective all year-round, removing super hot or moisture laden air from roof cavities and replacing it with fresh outside air.

Ventilation Product Guide

Cavity Trays Ltd

Ventilation at floor level, ventilation through walls, ventilation at eaves and fascia level, ventilation via the soffit, ventilation where roofs abut walls, ventilation through the roof.

Active Drainage Ventilation

Marley Plumbing & Drainage

Marley Plumbing & Drainage offer a choice of drainage ventilation options in the form of secondary ventilation, single stack-aerator or active drainage ventilation. Studor P.A.P.A. (Positive Air Pressure Attentuator) and Studor air admittance valves provide a complete active drainage ventilation system solution which is particularly suited to high-rise applications.

Cavity & Underfloor Ventilators

Rytons Building Products Ltd

A wide range of ventilators and accessories for timber frame and traditional builds. Cavity weep vents and weep hole ducts (including a retro-fit option). Periscope Underfloor Ventilator system for block & beam and timber floors. Surface mounted cowls.

Background Room Ventilators

Rytons Building Products Ltd

An extensive range of controllable background ventilators for habitable rooms in new build and refurbishment projects. Includes Super Acoustic options for reduced noise transfer from outside (ideal for sites with noise issues and sound reports to adhere to). Popular anti-draught LookRyt AirCore range features a unique internal panel which may be painted or wallpapered to match décor. Free airflow calculation service available.

Residential Ventilation Overview

Lindab Ltd

We all aim to minimize energy consumption in our homes. This means houses must be better insulated and more air tight, making energy efficient ventilation even more important. Lindab InDomo adopts a new radial ducting philosophy which simplifies MEV and MVHR installation and meets the demands on modern ventilation systems.

Tempio Ventilated Facades

Telling Architectural Ltd

Ventilated façades compri- se a building system that has consolidated its place among architects and builders, in particular for its high quality, aesthetic possibilities and its undis- puted thermal and acoustic insulation benefits.

Positive Input Ventilation (PIV)

EnviroVent Ltd

The solution is Positive Input Ventilation (PIV). EnviroVents positive ventilation units are energy efficient condensation-control units. By drawing in fresh, filtered and clean air from outside, the units gently ventilate the home from a central position on a landing in a house or the central hallway in a flat or bungalow. Moisture laden air is diluted, displaced and replaced to control humidity levels between 45- 60%*. This significantly reduces or eliminates surface condensation, the main cause for mould growth. With lower humidity levels, dust mite populations are also substantially reduced to provide a significant improvement in the health of asthma sufferers and general indoor air quality. Positive Input Ventilation is also available for flats and apartments.

Boiler, Stove & Fire Ventilators

Rytons Building Products Ltd

An extensive range of through-wall ventilators and floor ventilators for gas and solid fuel appliances. Available in a variety of styles and sizes to suit new build and refurbishment projects. Anti-draught LookRyt AirCore range features unique internal panel which distributes air evenly and may be painted or wallpapered to match room décor. HETAS Approved for use with solid fuel. A free airflow calculation service is available.

Apollo natural roof ventilator

Colt International Ltd

Apollo is a natural ventilator providing both smoke ventilation and environmental ventilation. If the ATI option is selected, ventilation can continue even in bad weather. If the translucent flap option is selected, natural daylight can enter through its flaps. It has been tested to EN12101-2 and is CE marked.

Single-unit acoustic ventilator

Siegenia-Aubi Ltd

Contains features, benefits and a short installation guide for the AEROPAC single-unit ventilator. The unit has a high acoustic performance and can filter out fine dust, pollen and NOx particles. Decentralised, wall-mounted ventilators can be quickly and easily installed into new builds or retrofitted and can be operated via the unit itself, an air quality sensor or via an app.

Louvred Gratings for Screening, Ventilation and Security


Lang+Fulton offers the widest choice of louvred products to the UK and worldwide markets. The mild steel construction is not only more economical than aluminium but has a much greater intrinsic strength which is particularly important as the linear nature of a louvred material will highlight any distortion. There are several distinctive ranges, Delta, Italia and Croona, each of which offers an alternative aesthetic, a variety of screening properties and a choice of fixing methods. Applications include: wall cladding, multi-storey car parks, roof-mounted plant housing, compounds and security screening, balconies and balustrades, wheelie bin stores, ventilation grilles and sunscreen, gates and doors.

Firelight natural glazed roof ventilator

Colt International Ltd

Colt Firelight is a natural casement roof ventilator, suitable for natural day to day ventilation and smoke control. It has high aerodynamic, acoustic and thermal performance, providing extract ventilation for most kinds of industrial and commercial buildings. It is particularly suited for installation into glazing systems. Firelight conforms to EN 12101-2 and is CE marked. Firelight is manufactured under the ISO 9001 quality standard.

Showing 1-36 of 109