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New Street Square Urban Greening Living Wall, Holborn

Biotecture Limited

This living wall is one of five different living walls that we have now installed and still maintain for Land Securities. It is on the management suite building at the heart of New Street Square and, especially during the winter months, it is the only bit of urban greening in the area.

INTU car park living walls and green infrastructure, Milton Keynes

Biotecture Limited

INTU worked with Makers Construction on a full car park refurbishment for the main car park at their Milton Keynes location. As well as improving traffic flow through the car park, creating larger spaces and better way finding, intu was keen to install several areas of living wall and car park green infrastructure to provide a stunning visual welcome to all visitors.


Evergreen Walls

Meriton is a long standing client of Evergreen Walls and we are their trusted provider of any artificial greenery needs that arise. In this particular fitout we installed a green wall as a feature piece in Meriton's Pagewood Green lobby with mirrors and timber panels atop the foliage in an impressive sprawling pattern.

Plant Trellis – Green Park Station


Green Park Station provides access to the Jubilee, Piccadilly and Victoria Lines. The £60 million refurbishment to achieve step-free access included a copper canopy, a Portland stone entrance and a ramp from the ticket hall into the Park featuring green wall screening. Lang+Fulton designed and supplied 300sqm of panels to clad the raked inner facade of both retaining walls and the tapered wall-heads, which would support the green wall planting. The panels were made to custom sizes from Terra-34 grating and fixed with varying lengths of bracket to accommodate the stepped areas in the walls.

Green Quarter

The Safety Letterbox Company Ltd.

The Green Quarter project features a single large bank of H1 type mailboxes that are recessed into the wall maximising the amount of space available in the location. Each row of mailboxes is divided by an oak wood insert, adding visual interest to the bank of mailboxes.

Centrica Offices Living Wall, Oxford

Biotecture Limited

Biotecture’s impressive 93m2 green wall for the atrium of British Gas owner, Centrica’s new Oxford headquarters was an integrated element of the ambitious sustainability aims for the building; the green wall, which reaches three storeys up, contributed to the building’s BREEAM rating of 'Excellent', acting as acoustic buffer and a natural filter to improve air quality.

Holland Green, Kensington

CCL Wetrooms

The luxurious apartments at Holland Green required the supply of wetroom drainage and waterproofing solutions into 134 bathrooms, suitable for use on a solid floor. CCL Wetrooms specified the installation of a Linear Screed Drain with a bespoke length Stone-Infill Grill into each shower area. The Linear Screed Drain was positioned flush against the shower wall and installed with either a single or double trap, capable of coping with flow rates of up to 56 l/min. To waterproof the floors and walls of the wetrooms, we recommended the installation of Tilesafe waterproofing membrane and Flexible Wall Membrane.

The Scene, Walthamstow and Park View – Sidcup

Howe Green

Award winning developer Hill required a seamless solution to accessing concealed bathroom services at The Scene, Walthamstow and their Park View development in Sidcup. Howe Green supplied the Tile-a-Door+ Wall Access Panels manufactured in a bespoke size to fit Hill’s specific tile grids. The panels can be custom made to the millimetre and are supplied ready to tile with up to a 10mm thick finish, making the installation process quick and straightforward Howe Green’s Tile-a-Door+ panels ensure that access for any future repairs or maintenance will be faster, easier and cost-efficient.

Crossrail, London

Howe Green

Howe Green manufactured and supplied a number of custom made wall access covers and 1050 Series floor access covers for Crossrail in London. The wall access solutions were custom made from 5mm of stainless steel and lockable for added security. They were required to provide reliable and stylish access to the lighting circuitry. The 1050 Series floor access covers were installed along the walkways of Adams place to give quick and easy access to the water, power and data feeding the station. Each cover had an additional load bearing to accommodate specific requirements.

Covent Garden Living Wall

Biotecture Limited

This vertical park living green wall at the gateway to Covent Garden is formed of over 8,000 plants from 21 different varieties and provides a real wow factor to the area, and it's in keeping with the history of Covent Garden.

Vegetated Retaining Wall, Cutting Stabilisation, Webwall,Saundersfoot, UK

ABG creative geosynthetic engineering

The local council was tasked with constructing a footpath within a restricted area allowing safer access to a busy health centre. It was important to maintain the natural green appearance. A retaining wall was required and had to be quick and easy to erect with minimal disruption. ABG Webwall was chosen as the solution. The Webwall was quickly constructed using 4m x 1m panels which were filled with soil from the excavation and cutting. The wall was replanted to restore an naturally green appearance. Webwall was built in a quick cost effective way to create an environmentally friendly retaining wall

Birmingham New Street Train Station Living Wall

Biotecture Limited

The 77 metre long living wall on the link bridge at New Street Station in Birmingham welcomes travellers from all over the country to the centre of the city. The living wall creates a pleasant promenade of calming, green infrastructure amongst this built urban environment with the addition of 16,600 plants.

Three brands, one objective – safe access all areas

Howe Green

Three of the UK’s leading access specialists have come together to form the Access 360 portfolio, providing a total manufacturing solution for roof, ceiling, wall and floor access products for the construction industry. Access 360 comprises Bilco UK, Profab Access and Howe Green. These well-established brands all have a strong reputation for delivering innovative solutions to address the challenges of safe access within a building or external environment. The brand identities have been updated, reflecting the holistic offer that Access 360 presents to the market, to represent the synergy between the brands and the complementary nature of the products.

Land Rover – Geneva motor show - Interior Living Walls

ANS Group Global

Jaguar Land Rover came to ANS to design an interior living wall. The living wall was to act as the backdrop to the very important client meeting area and the green wall measured 4.75m wide by 2.5m high. Environmental impact is very important to Jaguar Land Rover, so the exhibition stand at the Geneva Motor Show allowed them to reinforce this. The interior wall featured more than 10 plant varieties, native to the area. After the show, as with all our temporary interior living wall installations the plants were donated to a local charity.

Interior Living Walls and Columns for Grosvenor Britain and Ireland

Scotscape Smartscape Ltd

Designed and planted to create a beautiful aesthetic and boost air quality, these two living walls measure a total of 32m2. In addition, Scotscape's living wall system has been used to create abundant green columns right in the centre of staff offices, bringing the biophilic benefits of plants to Grosvenor's staff. Plants are essential for improving health and well-being in offices. The plant content of the living columns and living walls has been selected to offer maximum air quality benefits, acoustic benefit, while the introduction of nature strongly supports staff health.

Orchard Lisle Living Wall for Team London Bridge

Scotscape Smartscape Ltd

This 76m2 living wall has been installed as part of a series of interventions that are part of the Borough High Street Low Emission Neighbourhood initiative led by Team London Bridge and Better Bankside, supported by the Mayor of London. Interventions are located to highlight calm and healthy walking routes in the busy London Bridge area and are complemented by initiatives to promote green business practices like reduced deliveries and clean vehicles.

Cleveland Junior School

ANS Group Global

Located in Ilford, Cleveland Junior School has recently invested in a vertical green wall to improve air quality and facilities for their students. The living wall was installed covering a large section of the wall, and working around windows on the side of the building.


Wallbarn Ltd

A residential customer had a storage unit and wanted improve it by adding a green roof. M-Tray®, being modular in shape and easy to install, was the perfect solution. The green roof had to be walked through the house to access the garden. Traditional roll-out green roofs, with their loose substrate bags and loose sedum blankets were too messy to transport indoors. M-Tray® is self-contained within the walls of the plastic tray and comes with fully established, sustainable vegetation. M-Trays® clip together easily, allowing the sedum to blend together, providing a beautiful, seamless finish.

Warmbuild home, Cullenagh, Ireland

Nudura Inc

NUDURA puts green housing project at top of its class! Curved walls are usually every builder's nightmare. But for specialist house builder Barry Fingleton, not only were they a must-have when it came to designing his own 3,250sq home in County Laois, in Ireland, he knew that by using insulated concrete forms, it would also be a piece of cake.

Kings Cross Underground Station, London

Howe Green

Over 60 of Howe Green’s 7500 Series floor access covers were chosen for the development of a sizable extension of King’s Cross tube station. An access solution was required to provide access to essential under floor services including ventilation ducting, electrics, communication cables and rail services. The specification required a solution that would prevent the passage of fire through service channels. Howe Green’s 7500 Series access covers met requirements with a three hour fire rating. In addition to single covers, Howe Green’s innovative multi-part covers were also used.

Three brands, one objective – safe access all areas

Profab Access Ltd

Three of the UK’s leading access specialists have come together to form the Access 360 portfolio, providing a total manufacturing solution for roof, ceiling, wall and floor access products for the construction industry. Access 360 comprises Bilco UK, Profab Access and Howe Green. These well-established brands all have a strong reputation for delivering innovative solutions to address the challenges of safe access within a building or external environment.

Three brands, one objective – safe access all areas

Bilco UK

Three of the UK’s leading access specialists have come together to form the Access 360 portfolio, providing a total manufacturing solution for roof, ceiling, wall and floor access products for the construction industry. Access 360 comprises Bilco UK, Profab Access and Howe Green. These well-established brands all have a strong reputation for delivering innovative solutions to address the challenges of safe access within a building or external environment.

How to move a floor access cover safely and easily

Howe Green

By using a pair of Howe Green Access Cover Skates you will make light work of moving heavy access covers! Health and safety is a major consideration for all building owners, facilities managers and contractors. The Howe Green Access Cover Skate removes the need for operatives to manually move heavy manhole covers and access covers when accessing concealed services. By reducing the requirement to handle heavy objects the risk of injury is greatly diminished. With up to a 300-kilo lift from each Howe Green Access Cover Skate you will benefit from a powerful floor access cover lifter.

John Moores University, Liverpool

Howe Green

The £27 million Art and Design Academy is the first phase of John Moores University campus masterplan. Rick Mather Architects specified 32 Stainless Steel Howe Green access covers, ranging from the 7500 Series to the 1050 Series, to enable easy and safe access to underfloor services in a number of locations. The panels were individually manufactured to match the size of the Charcon Appalachian stone floor slabs and to blend seamlessly with the surroundings. Featuring double seals, the access covers meet the highest standards of hygiene and security as well as being corrosion and maintenance-free.

Ebbsfleet International Station, Kent

Howe Green

12 of Howe Green’s 7500 Series floor access covers have been fitted internally and externally at the domestic section of Ebbsfleet International Station. A robust access solution was required to provide easy and safe access to vital internal underfloor services in the station building. The access covers were tailor made to the sizes required. Set into the substrate, the access covers sit flush with the flooring and do not present a trip hazard. They can be easily removed with the use of lifting keys or a Howe Green Cover Skate.

M&M World, London

Howe Green

AEM Demolition undertook the heavy side building works of the 35,000 square feet M&M World in London. AEM required an access solution to provide reliable, durable and easy access to the building’s underfloor services. Howe Green’s 5000 Series Stainless Steel access covers were selected. The covers were installed in a range of different internal areas as well as with a wide variety of different types of flooring, including bright red resin, painted concrete and carpet. Designed and built to withstand the pressures of high volume pedestrian traffic, the covers have a 1 hour fire rating.

Southmead Hospital, Bristol

Howe Green

Howe Green manufactured over 100 Visedge Floor Access Covers for Bristol’s £430million state-of-the-art Southmead Hospital. A heavy duty and tamper-resistant solution was required to provide access to underfloor drainage systems. Developed for use within flexible sheet flooring systems and supplied with a double seal Howe Green’s Visedge Covers offered the highest standards of hygiene and security, ideal for a hospital environment. A number of 7500 Series Stainless Steel Access Covers were also required for installation in the grounds, where a heavier loading was required.

Manchester Cathedral

Howe Green

Howe Green’s 7500 Series Medium Duty Access Covers have been installed in Manchester Cathedral as part of extensive reordering works. The 7500 Series Access Covers were chosen to provide reliable yet virtually invisible access to new mechanical and electrical chambers across the entire body of the building. Over 70 covers were made, each to a bespoke size to fit precisely with the new Burlington Stone slabs being installed. Howe Green also designed a special cover grating to allow air supply to the blower working the bellows of the Cathedral’s remarkable organ.

The Other Place, Stratford-Upon-Avon

Howe Green

Howe Green access covers were selected for the Royal Shakespeare Company’s studio theatre renovation project ‘The Other Place’, in Stratford-Upon-Avon. The covers were required to provide routine and emergency access to underfloor ducting services throughout the building. Howe Green supplied a number of 7500 Series Medium Duty Floor Access Covers. The access covers are ideal for areas that require heavy loading as they are highly durable. Main contractor, BAM Construction, fitted the panels on a suspended concrete slab. Once installed, they were infilled with K-screed followed by a resin finish.

Pain free maintenance for district general hospital

Howe Green

Howe Green’s Visedge Series Flexible Floor Access covers have removed the hassle involved in maintaining building services located under the flooring at a hospital in East Anglia. Howe Green supplied seven Visedge Series covers to provide safe and easy access to underfloor building services in corridors throughout the busy hospital. Maintenance of essential building services had become problematic as the original floor access covers, fitted over four decades ago, had broken. The covers could no longer be removed, making access for planned and emergency maintenance virtually impossible

Crossrail, Tottenham Court Road

Howe Green

Over 400 of Howe Green’s Access Covers have been supplied to Tier 1 contractors working on Europe’s largest construction project – Crossrail. Over 60 of Howe Green’s 7500 Series Multipart Floor Access Covers were supplied specifically for Tottenham Court Road Station. The large 4 part units were precision made to order to ensure they would be a perfect fit, avoiding slips and trips in such a highly trafficked and challenging environment. The covers have been infilled with granite to match the surrounding area and supplied with barrel lifting points, with just the securing bolt and barrel edge visible.

Underground Station, UK

Howe Green

Howe Green Ltd supplied over 850 specially designed and manufactured floor access covers for an underground station which required safe, secure and easy access to building services concealed beneath the flooring. Howe Green designed bespoke duct covers based on the 7500 Series Medium-Duty Floor Access Covers. With a 69 mm depth the access covers were manufactured with an extra thick base plate and reinforcements to meet the demands of what will be a highly trafficked area. The access covers were infilled with two different types of flooring dependent upon their location - Conservation Smooth pavings from Marshalls and Granazzo.

The Sainsbury Exhibition Gallery at the World Conservation and Exhibitions Centre (WCEC)

Howe Green

Architect Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners specified Howe Green when they required a unique, reliable access solution for the WCEC. Howe Green designed and manufactured a circular access cover in 316-grade stainless steel. The bespoke cover offered a stylish and discreet solution, capable of withstanding 40kn load and meeting the specification for aesthetics and performance. Each box section of the cover had built-in cable access and voice/data plug-in points. Slotted steel lids were made for when services were in use. The access covers also accept coloured polished concrete inserts made to match the surrounding Ed Lazenby floor.

Stansted Airport, London

Howe Green

The multi-million pound transformation of London Stansted Airport required a floor access solution that could accommodate very specific site conditions and meet the required loading. In two separate phases of work Howe Green supplied over 250 bespoke floor access panels and frames for the Satellite One and Departure Hall refurbishment. Howe Green adapted the 2500 Series and 5000 Series Stainless Steel Floor Access Covers to custom depths and incorporated an additional base plate reinforcement to meet the clients exact requirements. Single floor access covers and multi-part covers were supplied to provide safe and easy access to service utilities.

Showing 1-36 of 1633