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551-552 Cavity Barriers


Manufactured using polythene enclosed non combustible rockfibre in bespoke sizes designed to be compressed by 15 mm within the cavity - this 'made to measure' cavity barrier design provides a minimum of 1 hour fire resistance and is crucial in sound applications where 'flanking transmission' can be the weak link of an otherwise robust construction. Meets the requirements of:

  • 2000 Building Regulations (E&W) Approved Document B (Fire Safety).
  • 2003 Building Regulations (E&W) Approved Document E (Sound Resistance).
  • Robust Details Part E.
  • NHBC Standards 2005.

Tested by Warrington Fire Research to provide one hour fire resistance – double the minimum requirement. Meets Parts B and E (including Robust Details) of the Building Regulations (E&W) 2000. Mayplas Deluxe and Party Wall Ranges have been assessed to provide two hours fire resistance.

Showing 1-36 of 1257