Steelwork Isolation System – Farrat CineSTEEL MAX

  • Commercial cinemas.
  • Multiplex cinemas.
  • 4DX cinemas.


Steelwork acoustic isolation system, designed for use with stadia seating frames, supporting 4DX cinema technologies.

Features and benefits:

  • Developed following research into cinema motion technology.
  • High performance.
  • Designed specifically for 4DX auditoria.
  • Incorporates high damping isolators to control and constrain vibration while still providing high levels of sound insulation.
  • The system is based on hot-rolled structural steel supporting 150 mm thick cast in-situ concrete stadia.
  • Future-proofed using the most extreme calibration routines from 4DX suppliers, CineSTEEL MAX not only isolates the vibration from adjacent auditoria, but also controls the inertial response in the structure that the 4DX seats are mounted to, offering superior motion feedback and a more immersive 4D experience.
  • Warranty: Up to 25-years.


  • Commercial cinemas.
  • Multiplex cinemas.
  • 4DX cinemas.


  • Hot-rolled structural steel seating frame – with 150 mm thick concrete stadia (contractor-supplied).
  • M16/20/24 fixings or bolts (contractor-supplied).
  • Farrat bespoke-cut CineSTEEL MAX isolator pads, 50 mm thick.
  • Farrat CineSTEEL MAX acoustic washers.
  • Structural slab, existing or contractor-supplied.

Test/ assessment standards:

- Acoustic:

Consult manufacturer for further information.

- Fire:

Equal to steel frame rating, up to 90-minutes. Consult manufacturer for further information.

General information
Specification data - Acoustic and vibration resistant bearings

Product Reference

Steelwork Isolation System – Farrat CineSTEEL MAX

Standard product features


- CineSTEEL MAX isolator pads:

  • Product code: N/A – CineSTEEL MAX acoustic isolators require bespoke calculation and design, consult manufacturer for information.
  • Size: To match steel baseplates.
  • Installation: Placed directly between any seating steelwork, slab or seating steelwork or structural steelwork connection.

- CineSTEEL MAX acoustic washers:

  • Product code: 2CS-M-16/20/24
  • Sizing: Dependant on selected fixing or bolt type; M16, M20 or M24.
  • Installation: One washer required per bolt. All fixings through isolators should incorporate an acoustic washer.

Natural frequency (ƒn):

  • At operating load: 12 Hz.
  • At dead load: 14 Hz.

Live load (maximum):

  • 4 x dead load.

Pressure (maximum):

  • 4.0 N/mm².


  • Consult manufacturer's literature for detailed system performance values.
  • Optimal natural frequency performance is achieved between 1.0 and 4.0 N/mm².

Fire resistance duration:

90 minutes.

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