Particularly suitable for the perimeter sealing of windows and doors.


A special multi-functional all-in-one PUR foam joint sealing tape with outstanding properties. Having an a-value of 0.00 m³/ [h.m.(daPa)n], the pre-compressed tape is 100% airtight at the internal seal area, contributing in minimizing heat loss by convection. It also possesses an optimal vapour diffusion gradient from the inside outwards (50:1), enhancing the external transmission of moisture, enabling the joints to dry out quicker.


Particularly suitable for the perimeter sealing of windows and doors.

Features and benefits:

  • Complies with DIN 18542 BG 1/ BG R and DIN 18055.
  • Three level-sealant with just one product.
  • Resistant to driven rain in excess of 1000 Pa.
  • Reduces convection heat loss.
  • High functional reliability due to large expansion ability.
  • Seals a wide range of joint sizes with a minimum of tape dimensions.
  • Easy one step application for a reliable seal.
  • Significant cost advantage through time saving installation.
  • Suitable for passive house construction.
  • Can be installed in adverse weather conditions.
  • Complies with EnEV requirements and the recommendations of the RAL 'Installation guide'.
  • Ten-year function warranty.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_90_87_71 Resin impregnated pre-compressed foam sealing stripsPrimary


L10/75 Sealant joints

L10/810 Sealant joints

L20/80 Sealant joints

L20/820 Sealant joints

Specification data - Resin impregnated pre-compressed foam sealing strips

Product Reference


Joint width

Insert requirement, available for widths of 2–30 mm.

Standard product features



Third party certifications

  • GEV-EMICODE®: EC1 very low emission
  • ift Rosenheim : Certified

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