G-Rail 6200 Electric Operated Curtain Rail


G-Rail 6200 Electric Operated Curtain Rail is a 24V, low voltage electrically operated curtain track, delivered ready-assembled with infrared remote control fitted as standard. The units are suitable for 240V and 110V supply and are finished in RAL 9010 white as standard. Material is aluminium 606035-T6-F22. Shape and size tolerance are in accordance with DIN 17615.

Assembly is with 10 to 16 gliders per metre, using standard glider (ref 4010) up to a maximum curtain weight of 100 kg. Maximum weight per glider is 1 kg. Upstand headings can be achieved using click glider (ref 6010 – maximum curtain weight 8 kg).

Rails can be bent up to minimum radius 200 mm.

The control and motor units are delivered pre-wired with a variable speed motor facility pre-programmed. Standard travel speed is set at 150 mm per second.

General information


22 mm deep x 31 mm wide

Uniclass 2015

Pr_40_30_20_96 Window curtain supportsPrimary


N10/230 Curtain supports

Specification data - Window curtain supports

Product Reference

G-Rail 6200 Electric Operated Curtain Rail

Finish/ Colour

White RAL 9010 powder coated

Satin silver anodized



Ceiling fixed

Ref 6050

Ceiling fixing clamp.

Ref 6055-1000

Ceiling fixing plate.

Ref 6055-2000-35/45

Profile insert for recessed fixing.

Wall fixed

Ref 6051

Wall support (4 cm projection).

Ref 6057

Adaptable wall bracket (7–15 cm projection).


See 'Options and insert requirements.



Ref 2024-55

Sew-in hook 55 mm.

Ref 2024-95

Sew-in hook 95 mm.

Ref 4010

Glider (on strip).

Ref 4030

Roller glider.

Ref 6010

Projection glider.

Ref 6052

Internal connecting bridge.

Ref 6059

Wall return set (left and right) for wall and ceiling mounting.

Ref 6274-2000

Overlap carrier.

Ref 6275-2000

Overlap carrier (in combination with 6274-2000).

Ref 6280-PRS

Pilot release system.

Standard product features


22 mm deep x 31 mm wide.


567 g/m.

Product Options


A range of colours is available on request; consult manufacturer for details.


A range of ceiling or wall mounting fixings and extension brackets is available; consult Goelst UK Ltd for recommendations.


  • Ref 1310-C8-RJ45: RJ45 connector.
  • Ref 1310-S3-RJ45-W: Splitter.
  • Ref 1310-D4C2: 4-core Data cable.
  • Ref 1310-D6C2: 6-core Data cable.
  • Ref 1352-62LEX-40: IR receiver with extended eye 400 mm (non standard item).
  • Ref 6030/3000: Infrared transmitter three channels including batteries AAA.
  • Ref 1332-1000-25: Infrared transmitter ten channels including batteries AAA (non-standard item).
  • Ref 1337-6200-IR: IR transmitter/ week timer, wall mounted or table top applications.
  • Ref 1331-6024-1000: Wall switch recessed.
  • Ref 1331-6024-1001: Wall switch surface mounted.
  • Ref 1331-6024-1062: Wall switch surface mounted including 3.0 m 4-core data cable with connector.
  • Ref 1313-RJ4-1000: Data wall socket recessed.
  • Ref 1313-RJ45-1001: Data wall socket 4-core surface mounted.
  • Ref 1313-RJ45-2100: Amplifier bridge recessed.
  • Ref 1313-RJ45-2101: Amplifier bridge surface mounted.
  • Ref 1313-RJ45-1100: Voltage regulator for 230 V recessed.
  • Ref 1313-RJ45-1200: Voltage regulator for 12 V recessed.
  • Ref 1313-RJ45-1300: Voltage regulator for 24 V recessed.
  • Ref 1313-RJ45-1400: Voltage regulator for 110 V recessed.
  • Ref 1313-RJ45-1101: Voltage regulator for 230 V surface.
  • Ref 1313-RJ45-1201: Voltage regulator for 12 V surface.
  • Ref 1313-RJ45-1301: Voltage regulator for 24 V surface.
  • Ref 1313-RJ45-1401: Voltage regulator for 100 V surface.
  • Ref 1313-RJ45-1010: Combination wall socket and 230 V power supply.
  • Ref 1331-6024-1010: Combination wall switch and 230 V power supply.




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