G-Rail 5600 Cord Drawn Curtain Rail


G-Rail 5600 Cord Drawn Curtain Rail is a track for universal applications, designed for use with medium to heavy curtain weights. The rail is manufactured from aluminium 606035-T6-F22, finished in powder coated finish White RAL 9010 or Natural Metallic RAL 9006. Shape and size tolerance are in accordance with DIN 17615. The rails can be bent to a minimum 100 mm radius; the minimum return length with a 100 mm radius is 160 mm. The draw cords are contained in separate channels inside the track.

General information


23.6 mm deep x 16 mm wide

Uniclass 2015

Pr_40_30_20_96 Window curtain supportsPrimary


N10/230 Curtain supports

Specification data - Window curtain supports

Product Reference

G-Rail 5600 Cord Drawn Curtain Rail

Finish/ Colour

White RAL 9010 powder coated

Natural Metallic RAL 9006

Satin silver anodized

Fixing method


Ceiling fixed

Ref 6050

Ceiling fixing clamp (for total curtain weights < 25 kg).

Ref 6055-1000

Ceiling fixing plate (for total curtain weights < 100 kg).

Ref 6055-2000

Profile insert for recessed fixing.

Wall fixed

Ref 6051

Wall support (4 cm projection).

Ref 6057

Adjustable wall bracket (7–15 cm projection).



Ref 1201-4.5

Cord tensioner with red core (4.5 mm diameter).

Ref 1203-11

Cord weight.

Ref 2020

Double curtain hook.

Ref 2021

‘G’ curtain hook.

Ref 2022

Curtain hook.

Ref 4010


Ref 2024-55

Sew-in hook 55 mm.

Ref 2024-95

Sew-in hook 95 mm.

Ref 4030


Ref 5674-1000

Overlap carrier.

Ref 5675-1000

Overlap carrier (in combination with 5674-1000).

Ref 6010

Projection glider.

Ref 6052

Internal connecting bridge.

Standard product features


23.6 mm deep x 16 mm wide.


345 grams per metre.

Product Options


A range of colours is available on request; consult manufacturer for details.


A range of ceiling or wall mounting fixings and extension brackets is available; consult Goelst UK Ltd for recommendations.


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