Acoustic Deck 28/32

P5 grade chipboard overlay or direct to joist board for concrete or timber floors. Comprises an 18 or 22 mm thick tongue and grooved board with a pre-bonded 10 mm thick resilient foam layer. Concrete floor applications comply with Robust Detail FFT-5 floating floor treatment for flooring types E-FC-1, E-FC-2 and E-FS-1.

General information

Uniclass 2015

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K11/225 Particleboard floating floor

K11/25 Particleboard floating floor

K11/275 Acoustic separating floor system

Specification data - Particleboards

Product Reference

Acoustic Deck 28 - 1071

28 mm thickness; weight: 17.8 kg.

Acoustic Deck 32 - 1074

32 mm thickness; weight: 21.8 kg.

Standard product features

Size (w x l):

600 x 2400 mm.

Impact sound reduction:

  • Timber direct to joist: 56 dB Ln,w.
  • Concrete overlay: Δ Lw = 18 dB.

Airborne sound improvement (timber direct to joist):

Rw + Ctr = 52 dB

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