7 mm PVC Pad for Paving and Decking


Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) disc for use with paving slabs and timber decking complete with integrated spacing lugs. The pad will lift paving off the surface by 7 mm, making it ideal for retro-fit projects and areas with very low height thresholds.

The upper surface of the pad contains drainage channels which run out to the edges of the circular disc, meaning that rainwater will drain off the upper surface of the disc effectively. The plastic positioning lugs are incorporated into the pad as they plug into a small hole in the centre of the pad or disc.

Features and benefits:

  • Paving or decking for very tight height thresholds possible.
  • Correct positioning of paving slabs hold them securely in place.
  • Uniform spacing between paving.
  • Gives separation of paving slabs from the base structure.
  • Accommodates water drainage below the paving level.
  • Sound insulation.
  • Resistant to extreme hot and cold weather conditions.
  • Tough flexible material.
  • Labour saving and cost saving.
  • Clean and tidy, avoids the need for sand and cement.
  • Easy maintenance, inspection and repair.

General information




PVC discs designed for areas with restricted height thresholds to raise paving or decking off the surface but still offer sufficient drainage. Can support 800 kg loads




150 mm diameter


Limited warranty for temperature and weight tolerance if installed for the correct purpose and within the recommended guidelines - see Wallbarn terms & conditions of supply

Uniclass 2015

Pr_20_85_47_22 Decking and paving pedestalsPrimary


J21/467 Support system for precast concrete paving slabs

J21/85 Precast concrete paving slabs

J31/370 Precast concrete paving slabs

J31/375 Paving tiles

J31/377 Support system for paving slabs or tiles

J31/80 Precast concrete paving slabs

J41/467 Support system for precast concrete paving slabs

J41/90 Precast concrete paving slabs

J42/467 Support system for precast concrete paving slabs

Q37/460 Support pedestals

Q55/110 Deck

Q55/395 Support pedestals

Specification data - Decking and paving pedestals

Product Reference

7 mm PVC Paving And Decking Pads

Lug width

Manufacturer's standard

TD decking head only.

10 x 2 mm

Standard, paving heads only.

10 x 4 mm

Standard, paving heads only.

20 x 2 mm

Standard, paving heads only.

20 x 4 mm

Standard, paving heads only.

20 x 6 mm

Paving heads only.

20 x 8 mm

Paving heads only.

20 x 10 mm

Paving heads only.

Standard product features


Polyvinyl chloride (PVC).


7 mm.

Head diameter:

150 mm.


  • TD headpiece - Two lugs, 14 mm high, 60 mm apart.
  • TD Plus headpiece with fixing points.

Loading capacity:

8000 kg.

Drainage holes:


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