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iKoustic, established in 2010, are an award winning, UK-based provider of specialist noise control solutions. Creating Quieter Spaces Together – a tagline that each-and-every iKoustician lives by – is how we approach every project. Every project is a collaboration between all parties, and nothing gets us more excited than Creating Quieter Spaces. Who needs excess noise in their lives, right? iKoustic provides noise insulation and absorption solutions for domestic and commercial buildings; creating a peaceful, tranquil and beautiful environment for work, rest or play. iKoustic’s range of products include acoustic treatment for walls, ceilings and floor. In addition, their range of absorption materials enhance the quality of sound within the space whilst looking stylish. iKoustic not only supply extremely well-established brands but, where we see a gap in the market or an improvement that could be made; we can design, test and release our own products to the marketplace. We invest heavily on research and development of our products, never ‘settling’ for how great our products are.

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Trade names

  • MuteBoard
  • MuteClip
  • MuteClip Channel
  • MuteClip LP
  • MuteClip XP
  • MuteCradle
  • MuteMat
  • Tecsound
  • Sound Insulation
  • Impact Sound Reduction
  • Airborne Sound Reduction
  • Noise Control
  • Acoustic Underlay
  • Sound Isolation Clip