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Creating Quieter Spaces Together

+44 (01937) 588 226 www.ikoustic.co.uk

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Anechoic Chamber - Zabludowicz Collection

This exciting project involved a collaboration between iKoustic Soundproofing, the Zabludowicz Collection and Internationally acclaimed, London artist Haroon Mirza which fuses Science and Art to construct what is called an Anechoic Chamber. This silent space is designed for experimental and experiential research purposes on the idea of ‘A Partnership Society’ taking influence from Riane Eisler’s stance on societal progression.

Rob Small Mastering, Leeds

Rob Small Mastering is an Audio Mastering Suite based in Leeds, they specialise in a range of mastering services that range from stereo mastering, vinyl mastering and stem mastering for pre-mixed music projects. The studio has both digital and analogue solutions that cater to the expansive world of electronic music, you can find out more on the specifics below.

Showing 1-2 of 2