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BASWA acoustic plaster integrates acoustic absorption right into the design with the highest quality, smoothest and most versatile seamless acoustic system on the market. Developed in Switzerland, BASWA is a high performance seamless acoustic lining with a smooth marble finish. BASWA reduces reverberation, giving clarity to speech and the understated luxury of acoustic comfort. With sound absorption performance up to Class A, there is no compromise on design aesthetic, and no compromise on acoustics. BASWA can be applied to ceilings, walls, vaults, curves or unconventional forms, making it incredibly versatile. The smooth, granulated marble plaster finish enhances both modern and historical settings. Worldwide reference projects include: • New United States Embassy, London • The Shard, main reception • Worldwide headquarters for Bloomberg, L'Oreal, Twitter, Nike, Sony, Facebook • The Louvre, Musee D'Orsay, the Smithsonian, Kunsthaus Zurich • Elbphilharmonie • The Rolex Learning Centre, EPFL Lausanne • ETH Zurich • All US Ivy League Universities • Hearst Tower, New York

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