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Axter Ltd

Rethinking waterproofing. Reimagining the built environment.

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At Axter, we offer a modern and forward-thinking approach to flat roof waterproofing. We imagine a world where flat roofs are used to their full potential - increasing biodiverse habitats, generating electricity, or creating social spaces - the possibilities are endless.

Our vision

We aim to revolutionise the way flat roofs are designed, installed, used, and maintained. Our team of creative and ambitious professionals all work towards our collective vision: to improve the roofscape and transform the world above our heads. We are driven by our passion for technical detail and design, offering a comprehensive service package and a system portfolio renowned for its quality. We think differently and will always offer our honest, expert advice, adding value through sustainable and innovative ideas that minimise risk and maximise potential for you.

Our system specialities

We specialise in Reinforced Bitumen Membrane (RBM) flat and low slope roof waterproofing system technology, as well as Hot Melt, Flame Free, Cold Applied Liquid and Single Ply waterproofing, complementing this wide system range with Green Roof, Blue Roof, Solar PV and multifunctional sustainable roof system finishes. Whatever the design criteria, we collaborate with specifiers to provide the most suitable system and sustainable roof finishes for each project.

Our quality assurance

Our systems are installed by accredited, upskilled Axtershield or Axter Alliance installers in compliance with our rigorous quality assurance procedures and are backed by long-term, comprehensive, insured guarantees, safeguarding compatibility and single source responsibility.


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Excel® Warm Roof Multi Layer System - Concrete Roof Slab (In-situ/ Pre-cast) / Timber Roof Deck / Profiled Metal Deck

Excel® Warm Roof Multi Layer System - Concrete Roof Slab (In-situ/ Pre-cast) / Timber Roof Deck / Profiled Metal Deck

Cityflor® Warm Roof Living Roof System

Cityflor® Warm Roof Living Roof System

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Bath Riverside

Bath Riverside

Abingdon Primary School

Abingdon Primary School

Newcastle Under Lyme College

Newcastle Under Lyme College

Trade names

  • Alpaflore
  • Arma
  • Cityflor
  • Ecoflex
  • Excel
  • Force
  • Force Dalle
  • Force Line
  • Solar PV
  • Hydrobrown
  • Hydrolite
  • Hydroseed
  • Hydrosoil
  • Hyranger
  • Hytherm
  • Starcoat
  • Wilotekt-Plus
  • Aquamodul
  • Neo-Bitumen Flame Free