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Axter is a leading global waterproofing system designer and manufacturer, specialising in reinforced bituminous and synthetic membranes. With a portfolio of over 750 products Axter offers only high quality, robust systems for new build and renovation projects. We have built our reputation on providing the right system for the right application: accessible/inaccessible roofs, extensive/intensive green and brown roofs; hot melt structural waterproofing; single ply; photovoltaic systems; car park waterproofing; rooflights and smoke vents. Axter's technical team provides clients with a complimentary project specific design service comprising BIM models, specifications, design drawings, including cut-to-falls insulation design where required, and U-value calculations with condensation risk analysis. With our supplier/design partners Axter offers fall protection design, rainwater drainage and wind uplift calculations to ensure our systems perform to the highest standards and comply with current regulations and codes of practice. Long-term comprehensive guarantees are available for works completed by an accredited Axtershield Installer in compliance with Axter's rigorous quality audit procedures. Axter is part of the Bouygues group of companies which is committed to a proactive sustainable development approach in all areas of activity. Axter's bituminous membrane manufacturing facility has ISO 14001 accreditation.

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Trade names

  • Alpaflore
  • Arma
  • Ecoflex
  • Ecoline
  • Excel
  • Force
  • Force Dalle
  • Force Line
  • Hydome
  • Hydrobrown
  • Hydrolite
  • Hydroseed
  • Hydrosoil
  • Hyranger
  • Hytherm
  • NedZink
  • Starcoat
  • Terragum
  • Wilotekt-Plus