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Opening rooflight for natural ventilation.

Axter drain

Drainage board designed for use in intensive green roof systems.

Axter inverted roofing system

A comprehensive system comprising a range of reinforced bituminous membranes, which can be applied to a range of flat roof substrates, plastics insulation, surface treatments and primers.

Axter single layer roofing system

A range of single layer, polyester reinforced modified bitumen sheet membranes designed for use on inverted roof systems on concrete substrates.

BAC Canalis

Boards designed to retain water below the growing medium on extensive roofs where soil thickness is at a minimum.

Ecoflex Single Ply PVC Waterproofing System - Flat

Ecoflex ADH adhered single ply waterproofing

  • Vernis Antac ST Primer.
  • VAP AL / VAP AL SK vapour control layer
  • HYTHERM ADH Flat Board insulation
  • ECOFLEX ADH single ply PVC membrane (fully adhered with Axter ADH solvent-free adhesive)

Ecoflex Single Ply PVC Waterproofing System - Tapered

Ecoflex FM mechanically fixed single ply PVC waterproofing.

  • Vernis Antac ST Primer.
  • VAP IND vapour control layer
  • HYTHERM FM tapered board insulation
  • ECOFLEX FM single ply PVC membrane, mechanically fixed with Axter fixings and tubular washers


A fixed, non opening rooflight with aluminium frame and integral, insulated galvanised steel kerb.


Pre-panted modular trays for use on extensive green roof applications.


An opening roof ventilator for evacuation of smoke/fire.


A rectangular continuous barrel rooflight with an insulated galvanised steel kerb.

Showing 1-19 of 19