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Axter Waterproofing Systems Brochure

Axter is a dynamic team of waterproofing design and manufacturing specialists with a passion for innovation. Our extensive waterproofing system range, product quality and technical expertise give us the flexibility and reliability needed to specify your roofing projects. Whether it is a reinforced bitumen, single ply, hot melt, cold applied liquid or completely flame free waterproofing solution, a green roof, blue roof, solar PV or a combination of all, we can help provide the most suitable system and sustainable roof finishes. By building successful relationships with our customers, clients and Axtershield installer network, and by following our core values of integrity, collaboration, service and respect, we ensure the right system is specified for each application.

Ecoflex Single Ply Roofing

Engineered to provide unrivalled environmental performance, Axter’s ECOFLEX PVC-p single ply synthetic waterproofing membrane has been specifically designed for roofing projects including commercial, industrial and residential structures. ECOFLEX systems are lightweight, flexible and provide excellent performance characteristics. The membranes can be mechanically fixed (FM) or adhered (ADH) as part of a warm roof installation. They are complemented by a full range of vapour control layers and accessories to achieve a total design solution. Axter ECOFLEX membranes are CE marked and carry BBA certification no. 12/4947. Axter offers bespoke specifications, detail drawings, U-value/condensation risk analyses, rainwater/drainage calculations insulation design and comprehensive guarantees.

Extensive and Intensive Green Roof Technology

Axter has the expertise and design flexibility to create outstanding green roofs on new and refurbishment projects. Axter's experts produce bespoke design specifications covering all aspects of waterproofing and insulation, water management, hard and soft surfacing. With Axter systems there is virtually no limit to green roof design be it over commercial, industrial or domestic buildings, cut and cover tunnels or buried earth (underground structures). The brochure shows warm and inverted systems for extensive/intensive green and brown roofs: HYDROLITE, HYDROSOIL bio-diverse, HYDROPACK pre-planted tray, ALPAFLORE and WILOTEKT-PLUS specifications. Comprehensive long term guarantees are available through Axtershield Installers.

fully integrated flexible membranes for roofing

Axter specialises in the design and manufacture of high quality, fully integrated robust roofing and civil engineering membranes for new and refurbishment projects. Properly designed and installed Axter systems will protect buildings for more than 60 years providing lifetime cost benefits. The brochure covers rubber and TPO modified polymeric bituminous membranes for protected and warm roofs, TOPFIX and FORCE mechanically fixed, GENERAL SOLAR PV integrated photovoltaic and HYRANGER self-adhesive systems. Axter membranes are CE marked to BS EN 13707; mechanically fastened systems are supported by European Technical Approvals and the Excel range carries BBA Certificate 94/3037/C. Long term guarantees are offered through Axtershield Installers.

HYDROPACK pre-planted modular green roof system

Hydropack is a complete extensive green roof system in a modular tray, ensuring excellent planting quality with simple installation - a unique response to the increasing demand for extensive green roofs. Hydropack comprises a pre-planted tray, robust fixings, drainage granules, filter layer, growing medium and pre-grown vegetation, storing up to 8l/m2 water. Delivered with plant cover (sedums) and easy to install by a hooking system, Hydropack is ideal for use with Axter's Wilotekt-Plus and Alpaflore green roof waterproofing systems. The tray is perfectly adapted for use on most flat and sloping roofs even those exposed to strong winds. The all-in-one system provides a low maintenance green roof to meet ecological requirements.

ROOFLIGHTS - Creating natural light ventilation and smoke evacuation

Axter has been manufacturing a range of rooftop equipment for natural daylighting, ventilation, access and smoke evacuation for many years; full details of unit types available are given in the brochure. Rooflights have long been considered an efficient means of bringing natural light and ventilation into a building and reducing carbon emissions and running costs. This allows designers to develop more environmentally friendly buildings. Offering robust galvanised steel kerbs or adapter plates with a variety of covers and control equipment, Axter can satisfy all expectations of the architect or building owner in terms of aesthetics, comfort and safety. Innovative, high quality products make Axter the choice for rooflights and smoke control equipment.

WILOTEKT-PLUS Structural Waterproofing System

WILOTEKT-PLUS - Axter's unique, second generation (hot melt) tough, seamless, self-healing structural waterproofing for roofs, podium decks, car parks, green roofs and civil engineering applications. WILOTEKT-PLUS has been awarded European Technical Approval ETA-03/0049. The unique formulation of a polymer modified (SBS) bitumen compound combined with an integrated polymer modified reinforced bitumen sheet results in a tough, flexible, monolithic system designed for use over concrete and plywood in all protected membrane (inverted) constructions. WILOTEKT-PLUS is designed to last for the lifetime of a building or structure on which it is installed and comes with a 35 year guarantee. A full environmental impact assessment is available.

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