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Altro Coat™

A twin-pack, water-miscible, moisture tolerant epoxy coating with a silk finish.

Altro Crete™

A durable and safe monolithic floor finish suitable for applications in the industrial food and beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

Altro Expand Flexible Joint System

Two part, chemically resistant, polyurethane/ epoxy flexible jointing compound, specifically designed for industrial flooring. AltroExpand accommodates normal thermal and vibration movement whilst providing sufficient strength to protect joint arises from damage and erosion. Typical applications include movement joints in old and new floors, factories, warehouses, workshops, hangers, etc.

Altro Expand™

Elastomeric, chemically resistant epoxy resin jointing compound.

Altro Flexiflow™

Self-smoothing, flexible polyurethane resin system which gives a seamless finish.

Altro Flow

Flooring designed for areas which require increased hygiene.

Altro Grip™

A solvent-free epoxy resin multi-layer system providing slip resistance and a textured gloss surface.

Altro Line Marking System

Floor line marking clearly defines walkways from working areas. A twin pack, high visibility, high build epoxy system offering excellent chemical and abrasion resistance.

Altro Mosaic™

A solvent-free, epoxy resin combination system that encapsulates decorative acrylic flakes in Altro Tect standard clear epoxy resin.

Altro Nuvola Cirrus™

Rubber flooring with a smooth finish, provided in sheet form to provide a hygienic, seamless surface.

Altro Patch™

Altro Patch is a two-part, rapid curing epoxy repair mortar.

Altro Proof™

Collection of easy-to-apply damp-proof membranes.

Altro Screed™

High strength, chemically resistant, decorative floor finish.

Altro Seal™

Polyurethane coating offering chemical and UV resistance.

Altro Suprema™

Durable, 2 mm thick safety flooring with 40 colour choices.

Altro Tect™

A twin pack high build epoxy floor coating.

Showing 1-36 of 56