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Altro have been at the forefront of innovation for almost 100 years. Today, working closely with architects, end customers, engineers, designers and contractors around the world, Altro's insight and expertise help them transform everyday spaces into environments that can improve the wellbeing of everyone that uses them. And by consistently turning creative thinking into practical, real-world solutions – that maintain the highest standards of safety and durability – Altro have become synonymous with quality. As a family-founded business, Altro has a strong sense of what they value and a way of thinking inspired by The Bauhaus – a balance of quality, form and design-led function – that puts people’s needs at the heart of everything they do. It’s a human-centred approach to designing for the demands of 21st century life. It’s a history that means Altro values the bold, the brave and the new. From focusing on how the different sectors they serve need their spaces to perform, to the call for more environmentally sustainable materials, Altro are constantly challenging what is possible and seeking new ways of inspiring their customers and answering their biggest challenges.

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Trade names

  • Altro Aquarius™
  • Altro Atlas™ 40 / X40
  • Altro Cantata™
  • Altro Classic™ 25 / X25
  • Altro Coat™
  • Altro Crete™
  • Altro Ensemble™
  • Altro Flexiflow™
  • Altro Flow™
  • Altro Fortis door protection™
  • Altro Fortis Titanium™
  • Altro Fortis™ corner protection
  • Altro Grip™
  • Altro Impressionist™ II / IP20
  • Altro Marine™ 20 / T20
  • Altro Mosaic™
  • Altro Nuvola Cirrus™
  • Altro Nuvola Stratus™
  • Altro Operetta™
  • Altro Orchestra™
  • Altro Pisces™
  • Altro Reliance™ 25
  • Altro Screed™
  • Altro Seal™
  • Altro Serenade™
  • Altro Stronghold™ 30 / K30
  • Altro Suprema™
  • Altro Tect™
  • Altro Walkway™ 20 / VM20
  • Altro Walkway™ 20 SD
  • Altro Whiterock Chameleon™
  • Altro Whiterock Digiclad™
  • Altro Whiterock FlexiJoint™
  • Altro Whiterock hygienic doorsets™
  • Altro Whiterock Satins™
  • Altro Whiterock Splashbacks™
  • Altro Whiterock wall designs™
  • Altro Whiterock White™
  • Altro Whiterock™
  • Altro Wood™ Safety
  • Altro Wood™ Safety Comfort
  • Altro XpressLay™
  • Altro Zodiac Smooth™