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EuroMix Fastset Repair Mortar

CPI Mortars Ltd

CPI EuroMix Fastset Repair Mortar is a factory produced mortar consisting of a blend of special cement powders, premixed with graded sands and other additives.

EuroMix Fastset Repair Mortar is suitable for:

  • Quick fixings and connections into concrete, masonry, rock, brick and block.
  • Applications that require a quick strength cement, mortar or concrete.
  • Quick and thin section repairs to defective concrete and masonry.
  • Fast patch repairs to roadways, pathways, floors and steps.
  • Quick bedding in of precast concrete units, manhole rings and covers, posts, kerbs, stones, slabs, bricks and frames.



A high solids grout for leak sealing below ground on brick, block, stone and concrete structures.

Showing 145-180 of 297