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Roofgard Timber Decking Tile

BMI Icopal

The Roofgard Timber Decking Tile is designed to provide an attractive yet hardwearing decking surface for use on roof terraces, patios and roof gardens. Recommended for use with the Roofgard Paving Support System, it provides a natural and free-draining surface.

Provides a simple cost effective means of creating a fully supported and stable paved area for pedestrian traffic without causing damage to the waterproofing membrane.


  • Manufactured from renewable maritime pine.
  • Excellent load resistance.
  • Fungicidal treatment provides protection from attack by micro-organisms and insects for up to 10 years and is UV resistant.
  • Grooved anti-slip upper surface and all edges of slats are chamfered.
  • Slats are secured on three supports fixed with stainless steel screws providing extra strength and stability.
  • Tiles are light weight and easy to manoeuvre.
  • Tiles can be easily cut to size and shape.
  • Natural alternative to concrete slabs.
  • Can be coloured.
  • Suitable for use in all climates.

Showing 145-180 of 2585