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Siberian Larch Timber Cladding Heartwood Selected SertiWOOD®

Timber Focus Ltd

The durable Timber Focus Siberian Larch range is perfect for both internal and external cladding projects and has been sourced directly from the Siberian region of Russia. Selected for its durability, the range is available in wide range of profiles including Tongue and Groove, Rainscreen, Rhombus, Weatherboarding, Board on Board, Half Lap,Shadow Gap, Microline and Shiplap.

The Siberian Larch range can be supplied as pre-aged with a non-toxic treatment to provide customers with the old, weathered silvery grey colour and requires little to no maintenance treatment. Fire retardant to Euro Class B, the range is also available in a factory finished colour of your choice as well as in an opaque paint finish, blackened charred effect as well as in Scottish Scots or British Larch timber.

Full of character, each section features tight knots and visible grain and is fully FSC certified as well as meeting all necessary UK and European cladding regulations.

Timber Focus cladding can be supplied fire retardant treated to Euro Class B or C according to the standard EN13501-1.

Featheredge Dutch and Barn Effect Wall Cladding - SertiWOOD® Factory Painted Timber Cladding

Timber Focus Ltd

The sustainably sourced Timber Focus Featheredge Cladding range is one of the most popular styles in the UK, particularly in the southern areas such as Kent, Surrey, Suffolk and Essex. Traditionally known as barn cladding, the Featheredge range comes in four painted colours (Black, White, Concrete Grey and Grey) and a range of different thickness.

The premium Dutch Profile is a thicker and wider board and provides a rustic finish thanks to its fine sawn surface. The cladding can be supplied with a special fire-retardant treatment up to Euro Class B and has been preserved to prevent decay as well as being painted in a controlled environment to ensure consistent and high-quality performance.

Suitable for use in both the exterior and interior of any home, it can also be used in public spaces and for garden buildings. With a lengthy warranty and requiring little maintenance, the cladding range is very quick to install and requires no specialist tools.

Timber Focus cladding can be supplied fire retardant treated to Euro Class B or C according to the standard EN13501-1.

Charred Burnt Carbonised Blackend Effect SertiWOOD® Factory Painted Timber Cladding - Dragonwood

Timber Focus Ltd

The Timber Focus SertiWOOD® DragonWOOD internal and exterior cladding is inspired by the traditional Japanese technique of burning timber. Using modern technology, the range offers a stunning charred and carbonised effect without leaving any dirt or dust residue.

Guaranteed to provide a longer lasting and more consistent finish compared to traditionally charred wood, DragonWOOD adds a stylish look to the interior or exterior of any home or public space. Easy to install, it offers a clean finish thanks to tongue and groove V joints.

Each section is treated with preservatives to prevent decay and is painted in a controlled environment to ensure consistency. A heated roller creates the scorched effect pattern and the range requires no additional staining.

The cladding offers extensive protection from the elements thanks to the closed construction and all the timber is graded A/B for quality and has been sourced from sustainable forests as well as being FSC certified.

Timber Focus cladding can be supplied fire retardant treated to Euro Class B or C according to the standard EN13501-1.

Internal Wall and Ceiling Wood Cladding- White Wax & Rustic SertiWOOD® Factory Painted Timber Cladding

Timber Focus Ltd

The SertiWOOD® Rustic and White Wax cladding range is designed for use on interiors, feature walls and ceilings. Specifically styled for the modern home, it offers a classic retro, ‘shabby chic’ vibe and is available in six rustic colours (Cappuccino, Lemon, Denim, Cherry, Mint and Smoke) as well as a neutral smooth White wax or white wash colour.

The range comes supplied with tongue and groove V joints and the rustic range features a planed, sawn surface which allows the natural grain to show through whilst the white wax finish provides a smooth whitewash look.

Very easy to install, the sturdy cladding is able to be easily jointed; provides a clean finish and removing the need for long lengths of timber. The SertiWOOD® collection can be fitted either horizontally or vertically, depending on your style requirements.

As with all the Timber Focus range, the wood has been sourced from fully sustainable forests, is FSC certified and meets all European Cladding Regulations.

Timber Focus cladding can be supplied fire retardant treated to Euro Class B or C according to the standard EN13501-1.

Charred Burnt Scorched Carbonised Blackened Timber Cladding – Siberian Larch, Accoya, Thermowood Ash, Kebony, Spruce, European Oak SertiWOOD®

Timber Focus Ltd

The Timber Focus Charred Timber range is a very popular style of cladding and is suitable for use both the inside and outside of your home. Offering high durability against various wood destroying fungi, the cladding has been aesthetically enhanced with a black, charred carbon layer.

Using the same traditional methods that have been practiced for centuries in Japan, there are a number of similar styles available including Shou Sugi Ban, Yakisugi and Carbonised Wood. The Timber Focus range comes in a wide range of different finishes including a heavy charred, light charred, charred and brushed, charred brushed and oiled and carbonised form.

The range has been designed to cater for all budgets and design briefs and the full range on offer includes:

  • Charred Siberian Larch Timber Cladding
  • Charred Kebony Radiata Pine Wall Cladding
  • Charred Accoya Radiata Pine Wall Cladding
  • Charred Thermowood Ash Wall Cladding
  • Charred Spruce Wall Cladding

Timber Focus cladding can be supplied fire retardant treated to Euro Class B or C according to the standard EN13501-1.

Timber Kissing Gates

Jacksons Fencing

Particularly useful in districts populated by elderly people, where a stile is unsuitable. Allows easy access through fences with no climbing necessary. Suitable for inserting in any type of fence in almost any situation.

All manufactured from Jakcured softwood.

Brimstone Sycamore Cladding

Vastern Timber

Brimstone sycamore external cladding is an innovative and entirely natural timber product ideally suited to both commercial and residential properties.

Drawn exclusively from woodlands across England and Wales, Brimstone is the first and only thermally modified wood produced from locally grown trees. In addition, being one of the fastest and most resilient timber species growing in the UK, sycamore is a naturally renewable raw material and a very efficient carbon store.

Brimstone sycamore is created by heating British grown sycamore to 215 degrees in a controlled atmosphere. The extreme heat alters the cell structure of the wood, removing moisture, extractives and cellulose. This natural, toxin-free method results in natural wood that is very durable, stable and consistent.

The appearance of Brimstone sycamore is mid brown with a silky grain and relatively few knots, well suited to contemporary facades where clean, straight lines are required. If left uncoated Brimstone sycamore will weather naturally to a grey patina or alternatively it is possible to coat the product with an oil based UV resistant coating to maintain a brown colour.

Brimstone sycamore is classed as very durable (Class 1 EN 350-2) offering a locally grown alternative to Canadian cedar and other durable old growth timber species.

Available as vertical timber cladding, horizontally timber cladding, profiled cladding and sawn cladding. Profiles available include shiplap, halflap, tongue and groove, matchboard and square edge. Cladding profiles can be both face fixed or secret nailed. Bespoke cladding profiles are available.

All Brimstone products are derived from well-managed British woodland. GIB certified.

Canadian Western Red Cedar Cladding

Timber Focus Ltd

The Timber Focus Canadian Western Red Cedar range is a popular choice for both cladding and landscaping applications; commonly used for joinery functions such as gates and fences. The premium product has been sourced directly from sustainable, PEFC certified forests in the Vancouver regions of Canada.

Featuring planed V2 sides, it features a smooth surface on all four sides is a clear-grade wood, clear of knots and is one of the best western red cedar materials available on the market. When left to naturally weather, the wood will turn a beautiful silvery-grey but for more modern looks it can be treated with a range of oils to maintain its golden-brown colours. No extra treatment is needed for above-ground fencing and cladding projects.

Very quick and easy to install, the range comes as Ex25 x 150mm planed, with tongue and groove V-shaped joints to provide a fully closed construction. Suitable for horizontal and vertical applications, it is ideal for cladding, fencing and much more.

Timber Focus cladding can be supplied fire retardant treated to Euro Class B or C according to the standard EN13501-1.

Showing 73-108 of 2074