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Palram Europe Ltd

Solid corrugated polycarbonate sheet with anti-condensation for use in agricultural and industrial applications.

Daylight Klick

Kingspan Insulated Panels

With its wide range of colour options, the Kingspan Day-Lite Klick provides a stylish wall lighting solution. The polycarbonate panels feature an innovative ‘clicked’ jointing detail, allowing them to be quickly installed either as a full height system or integrated within other building materials.

Guarantee 25 years
Fire classification of B-s1,d0 for Clear and Opal polycarbonate panels
Light transmission up to 59%
Thermal performance : U-value 1,3 W/m².K
Limited solar heat gain at 57% for opal
Wall thickness 40 mm

Extruded aluminium frame allows simple integration within wall systems
Wide range of colour options, enhances the design and aesthetic flexibility
Available in standard lengths of up to 12m, speeds up installation time
Simple “click” jointing system, provides easy installation method

Urimat Makro-Fix In-Wall Mounting Frame for Polycarbonate Urinals

Ecoprod Technique

In-wall mounting frame for Urimat polycarbonate waterless urinal bowls.

The practical mounting element for new installation and renovation works.

The URIMAT in-wall mounting frame ensures an accurate fit and has simple assembly involving just four fixing points. The four mounting brackets ensure highly secure installation and enable precise horizontal and vertical alignment.

These frames can be used with IPS systems or fixed wall finishes.

Suitable for use with:

UR14.001 & UR14.001AT Compactplus
UR14.101 & UR14.101AT Compactinfo
UR14.971 & UR14.971AT Compactvideo
UR15.001 & UR15.001AT Eco
UR16.001 & UR16.001AT Ecoplus
UR16.101 & UR16.101AT Ecoinfo
UR16.971 & UR16.971AT Ecovideo

Showing 1-36 of 444