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PSA MOB PS/SPU - Medium Grade Real Wood Edge banded Panel

Bathgate Flooring Ltd

BE systems feature loose lay flooring panels that are fully tested to the requirements of PSA MOB PS2/SPU. Systems featuring loose lay flooring panels that are fully tested to the requirements of PSA MOB PS2/SPU.

BE loose lay panel systems are manufactured with a high performance particle board core.

Top and bottom surfaces are laminated with galvanised steel sheets before a Hard wood finish is bonded to the top and trimmed to fit flush with the panel sides.

Panels are skilfully engineered with a full depth edge band to protect the surface finish.

The system provides full electrical continuity and static dispersion where required.
BEM: MEDIUM GRADE, 8 kN/m2 UDL is ideal for General office, Boardroom and reception areas.

PSA MOB PS/SPU - Medium Grade Real Wood Edge banded Panel:
- PSA BEM600W Medium Grade Real Wood Edge banded Panel

PWF - Powder coating

Powdertech (Corby) Ltd

Powdertech Wood Finish (PWF™) was formulated by Powdertech to match the natural variations in colour, grain density and grain pattern of wood. Wood has an instinctive appeal to us as a building material. We associate it with our natural world and enjoy its warmth and texture.

Benefits of PWF:

  • Combines the strength and longevity of metal with the look of natural wood.
  • No pattern repeat - no two coated pieces ever look exactly the same.
  • Can be applied to most metallic substrates including aluminium, galvanized.
  • steel, cast metals and stainless steel.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance.
  • Good weather resistance and colour stability.
  • Low maintenance - unlike wood.
  • Adapts to curved surfaces such as columns and posts.
  • Can be cut and drilled for fabrication.
  • There are 35 standard colours in smooth or texture finishes.
  • PWF Roughwood introduces the textured feel of wood.
  • Applied worldwide since 2000.

Landscape - Powder coating

Powdertech (Corby) Ltd

The Landscape range is part of our commitment to offering you colours that are a little bit different, thought provoking or interesting. Eight carefully selected colour palettes have been created using tones and textures to reflect different landscapes, both natural and man-made.

You may want your project to complement the surrounding landscape or present a striking contrast. The Landscape range provides you with a colour palette to help you make the best choice.

  • Defining eight different environments; coastal, terrain, urban, industrial, lowland, upland, sky and space.
  • Tones and textures in each palette share an affinity, creating a particular style.
  • High performance corrosion protection and weather resistance.
  • Excellent durability and colour stability.
  • All powders are Qualicoat class 1 or class 2 approved.
    Conform to ISO 12206.

Evolution - Powder coating

Powdertech (Corby) Ltd

Evolution is an exciting development in powder coating design, creating beautiful and striking effects on the metal surface. Evolution finishes reflect the patinas caused naturally by metallic oxidation, ageing and changes in composition.

Evolution powders combine excellent visual detail with high protective performance.

  • Striking designs achieved through using polyester resin systems, and a bit of magic!
  • Excellent corrosion protection and weather resistance.
  • High level of colour and gloss retention.
  • Tactile finish.
  • All powders in the range are Qualicoat class 1 approved or better.
  • Conform to ISO 12206.

Anomatch - Powder coating

Powdertech (Corby) Ltd

Anomatch architectural powders have been specially designed to represent architectural anodising on both aluminium and galvanized steel. They are unique to Powdertech. Anomatch creates a finish that enhances the metal with a lustrous sheen.

Anodised aluminium has a reputation for its 'living' quality, with a natural metallic radiance. Anomatch creates the same effect with additional benefits.

  • A faster turn around and lower cost that anodising.
  • No need to use expensive high grade aluminium.
  • A homogenous finish across different metal batches and joined sections.
  • Steel can be chosen for its strength - and coated to appear anodised.
  • Qualicoat class 1 or class 2 approved.
  • Conform to ISO 12206.


Autex Acoustics Ltd

Decorative fabric which can be used as a standalone wall covering or with a backing to provide acoustic absorption.


Autex Acoustics Ltd

A versatile decorative fabric which can be used in a wide variety of applications from wall covering, to making lampshades, to covering furniture.

Showing 1-36 of 39