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HUSH Bar Resilient Bars

Hush Acoustics

Hush-Bars are used to optimise acoustic performance by virtually decoupling the ceiling from the existing joists. Hush-Bars significantly help to reduce airborne sound transmission, making them one of the best elements to use within a sound insulation system for separating ceilings or walls.

Hush Bar Deep Resilient Bar

Hush Acoustics

Hush bars are used to optimise acoustic performance by virtually decoupling a ceiling or wall lining from its structure. This significantly reduces sound transmission through the floor, ceiling and wall structures. The Hush-Bar Deep resilient bar creates a larger void within a construction and allows high mass boards to be used. The Hush-Bar Deep can provide enhanced acoustic performance compared to standard resilient bars when used with a recommended lining.

HUSH Bar Plus Resilient Bar System

Hush Acoustics

Hush-Bar Plus system has been designed as an advanced resilient bar and clip system used to further optimise acoustic performance by mechanical decoupling and creating a more flexible ceiling, whilst being able to support heavier ceiling boards. Increased airborne and impact sound protection is provided, achieving excellent results when used to suspend a ceiling as part of a sound insulation system between separating floors.

Vertical Bar Fencing

Jacksons Fencing

Operating within the fencing industry since 1947, Jacksons have forged a reputation for delivering proven perimeter security applications. Today, as part of our product portfolio the company has a variety of mesh applications constructed from steel wire zinc alloy coated for exceptional corrosion resistance, typically lasting four times longer than generic standard mesh. Suitable for a wide variety of applications, welded mesh panels are a popular way to keep intruders out of a property or boundary. While some security fencing designs can be overcome with intruders who could climb over them, welded mesh panels are extremely difficult to get a purchase on due to the narrow, close-together wires, while the design is strong enough to withstand forceful attacks on the fence itself.

Reinforcing Bar Couplers


For many years the use of mechanical couplers to join reinforcing bars has been regarded as a means of reducing the use of long bars. Engineers and contractors now recognise the benefits of using couplers to accelerate the speed of construction, increase productivity and simplify design details. The Ancon range of reinforcing bar couplers is the most comprehensive available and includes tapered threaded, parallel threaded and mechanically bolted couplers.

Starter Bar Systems


The Ancon Starter Bar system is designed to increase the speed of construction at joints where continuity of reinforcement is required, or for fixing applications using standard metric bolts or studding. Use of this Ancon system can simplify concrete design and eliminate the need to drill formwork or concrete.

7.Motorised Touch Bar

Strand Hardware Ltd

Anti Panic Motorised touch bar range. Similar in design to the standard touch bar with modular components.The range offers 1,2 and 3 point latch/bolt.Can be connected to a variety of access entry systems.

4.Touch Bar - Modular

Strand Hardware Ltd

The Touch bar panic range comprises of a full width touch bar and modular components.The range offers a 1,2 and 3 point latch/bolts with dogging facility as standard.

Electric Towel Bars - ThermoSphere


Bring the luxury feeling of warm towels to any bathroom without being dependent on yourcentral heating system. ThermoSphere 12V electric heated towel bars are perfect for smaller bathrooms where space is a issue and can be installed in multiples to create a design statement.

Waterproofing Buddha Bar Case Study

Sika Limited

Paris’ world famous Buddha Bar has come to London’s Embankment and with Sika®-1 pre-bagged waterproofing solution in place, the venue is assured to be totally watertight. Situated within the abutment of Waterloo Bridge in London, the prestigious Buddha Bar is partially built against earth retaining walls. Designed by architects Proun, the 12 month project by main contractor Mansell Construction Services Ltd saw the derelict space – a former street works depot and electricity substation – completely transformed.

Glazing Bar System for Facades & Cladding

Brett Martin Daylight Systems

Marlon Clickfix VF is a thermally broken aluminium glazing bar system for use with Marlon Clickfix1040 interlocking polycarbonate panels. Fully weathertight even in vertical glazing applications this glazing bar frame is the perfect solution for creating seamlessly glazed facades. Installation is straightforward, the system simply clicks and fixes into place to create a striking uninterrupted architectural glazing feature. Marlon Clickfix VF is suitable for vertically glazed façades, northlights, cladding and partitioning applications, internally and externally.

Towel Bar Mounting System - ThermoSphere


Easy, pre-spaced multiple rail installation and cable management system for any ThermoSphere towel bars. Designed for multiple rail installation of both our Single Ended and Single Bar 12V towel bars.

Altro Restaurants, Cafes and Bars Sector Brochure


When youre striving to create the right experience to impress your customers and a great workplace for staff, you need a partner with the right products and solutions. We can help you achieve the perfect balance between welcoming, attractive spaces and safe and hygienic environments. Our design-led solutions are tried, tested and trusted in the UK and around the world.

3.Push bar, Modular Anti-Panic

Strand Hardware Ltd

The modular push bar panic devise comprises of a full width cross bar and modular components, providing 1,2 and 3 point latches / bolts. suitable for public building such as hotels, schools,retail outlets where people are unfamiliar with surrounding.

5 Bar Series Tread Plate Access Cover

Howe Green

The 5 Bar Series Tread Plate Floor Access Cover provides a functional solution to safely and easily access concealed services in plant rooms and basements. This is a light duty anti slip tread plate cover for pedestrian traffic. It has an aluminium outer frame and tread plate lid with stainless steel securing bolts. The 5 Bar Series can be supplied as a single cover, duct cover or as a multipart unit. The 5 Bar Series is an aluminium anti slip tread plate cover suitable for all types of hard floor finishes.

Glazing Bar System for Rooflights & Canopies - Marlon Clickfix RL

Brett Martin Daylight Systems

Marlon Clickfix RL is a thermally broken aluminium glazing bar system for use with Marlon Clickfix1040 modular polycarbonate glazing panels. Suitable for use in rooflight and canopy applications with a minimum pitch of 5°, the cleverly designed frame comprises an inner base with separate outer cap which very simply clicks together for swift and secure installation. Marlon Clickfix RL integrates fully with Marlon Clickfix1040 modular multiwall polycarbonate glazing panels to provide seamlessly glazed rooflight and canopy installations with no visible fixings.

Anti-slip Insert Bar AATi Resin-based Carburaati

AATi (Antislip Antiwear Treads International)

Anti-slip Insert Bar, AATi Resin-based Carburaati with antislip particles bonded into the foot contact surface. For use on most stair and walkway surfaces, particularly smooth/polished wood, marble, stone etc which can be unacceptably slippery, particularly when wet. Materials: MMA Resin Base. The standard colour is black but other RAL Colours are available. The finished colour required influences whether silicon carbide, aluminium oxide or quartz particles are used as the antislip ingredient.

Retaining Traditional Design In Conservation Areas - Stick on vs Solid Glazing Bars

Bereco Ltd

Careful consideration should be given to the replacement of any windows in a conservation area. One such consideration and area of debate amongst conservation departments is the glazing bars or astragals as they are sometimes known and if a stick on replica glazing bar should be accepted. This document explores the origins and modern day solutions to the glazing bar and addresses the question should a stick on bar be used in a conservation area?

Lytag - Bagged Aggregates

Aggregate Industries – Lytag

Lytag supplies bagged lightweight aggregate in nominal 15kg bags, which is equivalent to approximately 25kg of normal weight aggregate. Bags are supplied on pallets containing 60 bags and shrink wrapped. Normally the aggregate size supplied is 4/8mm, however other sizes can be supplied on request.

BAL Sitework Guide

Building Adhesives Ltd

The BAL Sitework Guide provides key technical principles for the installation of tiles onto a variety of wall and floor substrates. Visual and written guidance is provided for all key installations.

BAL Specifier Brochure

Building Adhesives Ltd

With more than 50 years of market-leading solutions for tiling, BAL is perfectly placed to provide comprehensive specification support for all types of tiling projects whether commercial or domestic. Find out how BAL can help you specify the correct materials and assemblies for your project with our Specifier Brochure.

PTFE Slide Bearing

Armatherm, a Brand of Armadillo Noise & Vibration Limited

There are many applications in industry where relative movement between two surfaces must be accommodated. These applications call for high load capacity at low speed, meaning self lubricating PTFE is an ideal material to be employed. Armadillo NV have a vast experience in designing and supplying custom made expansion bearings to address this issue.

Commercial Bay Marking

Pod Point LTD

This is only a guide which is intended for use by competent electrical installers with the necessary competence and experience to carry out the installation in accordance with the local applicable regulations and legislation. *Installers should contact Pod Point and double check the validity of these instructions as they are subject to revision*

Sureflo Bagged flowing screed


Sureflo is a bagged screed which incorporates high quality GYPSOL anhydrite binder with specially selected sand to produce a preblended mixture in 25kg bags. Simply add the requisite amount of water to produce a high quality flowing floor screed. Sureflo is perfect for small areas and for use in regions where flowing screeds are impossible to source due to readymix plant locations.

BAL Tiling Guide for the Leisure Sector

Building Adhesives Ltd

With over 50 years as market-leader BAL have been trusted for solutions on a wide range of projects in the Leisure sector. This guide provides an insight on the specialist products and supports only BAL can provide to ensure projects have the highest quality, lasting results.

BAL Tiling Guide for the Education Sector

Building Adhesives Ltd

With over 50 years as market-leader BAL have been trusted for solutions on a wide range of projects in the Education sector. This guide provides an insight on the specialist products and supports only BAL can provide to ensure projects have the highest quality, lasting results.

BAL Tiling Guide for the Housing Sector

Building Adhesives Ltd

With over 50 years as market-leader BAL have been trusted for solutions on a wide range of projects in the Housing sector. This guide provides an insight on the specialist products and supports only BAL can provide to ensure projects have the highest quality, lasting results.

Armaload Bearing Pad - DLW66 & DLW66XP

Armatherm, a Brand of Armadillo Noise & Vibration Limited

Armaload DLW66 Load Bearing Pads are used extensively in standard construction applications, precast and prestressed concrete bridges, buildings and structural steel bearing applications, as well as machinery, equipment foundation, railway tie pads and shock and vibration isolation. DLW66 Load Bearing Pads are made from masticated elastomer which is fully cured and fibre reinforced.

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