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Metal Cladding of Commercial Building Coated with Noxyde

Tor Coatings Ltd (Rust-Oleum Industrial)

The metal cladding of this manufacturing plant were decorated and protected with 2 layers of Noxyde. Noxyde is C5-M approved, making it the ultimate anti-corrosive coating for metal, even in harsh environments. Because it's waterbased, it is also environmentally friendly. Noxyde is very easy to apply: it's a singlepack product. Surface preparation: we recommend at least SA2 blasting.

Metal roof and cladding coating using Liqausil's BBA Approved Metalseal

Liquasil Ltd

Metalseal 20 was specified to re-brand a small industrial estate in Swindon. Roofs and external cladding were all stripped of existing finishes using vapour blasting. Cut edge corrosion was treated using SWT Primer and all metal surfaces were coated with BBA Approved Metalseal 20 roof & cladding coating. The finish is now graffiti proof, with any graffiti simply washing off with water, with no ghosting residue. The project is covered by the unique Liquasil latent defects insurance guarantee (including cover for professional design).

PreCoated Aluminium Cladding - Property Development, West Bromwich

Metal Solutions Limited

Aluminium is an established and well used metal in Architecture. In the development of the Eastern Gateway apartments, Accord Indesign have been courageous in combining colour with shape and form creating a multi-layered, multi-coloured and highly visual façade. The variety of cladding solutions is successful breaking up the façade as well as providing a strong commercial versus residential statement. Interlocking Shingles breaking up the central core and interlocking reveal panels that create a linear regimentation in close keeping the traditional brick-built buildings along the High Street. Blended colours deliver a high level of interest.

Metal Roof Coating in Suffolk

Liquasil Ltd

The original factory finish to the metal roof of this property was failing, with the coating delaminating badly due to UV damage. The gutterless eaves construction meant that both the roofs and cladding had to be coated. Metalseal was specified because it is available in any RAL colour., In this case, Juniper Green was required. The original finish was removed with 4000psi pressure washers , before corrosion was treated with Liquasil's corrosion primer before Metalseal 20 was applied.

Natural Aluminium – Echoes of the Past

Metal Solutions Limited

The St Michael & All Angels church Birkenhead with a Natural Mill finish Aluminium designed by Richard O’Mahony of the F.X. Velarde Partnership opening in September 1965. Awarded RIBA Bronze Medal in 1967. Aluminium has changed very little over the decades remaining an established metal of choice. Extremely lightweight with a strength and durability liked by installers. The material structure makes it ideal for vertical cladding where a flat aspect is required. Bright Aluminium surfaces will adopt a Patina in favour of a matt grey tone.

Metal Technology exemplifies best practice at Leeds College of Building

Metal Technology Ltd

Metal Technology has contributed to achieving the desired aesthetic for the flagship Leeds College of Building Campus designed by Fuse (Leeds). The scheme utilised Metal Technology’s System 17 High Rise capped curtain walling and incorporated manual and automatic 4-20Hi+ casement opening vents. System 5-20D Hi+ doors completed the range of products used. These systems combined to deliver complete design flexibility, achieving not only a very high level of thermal performance, but also exceptional structural, security and acoustic performance. All Metal Technology systems comply with the latest British Standards and are Secured by Design certified.

Metalseal metal roof coating installation

Liquasil Ltd

Metalseal 20 was specified as part of an industrial unit refurbishment project. Metalseal is the only BBA Approved metal roof coating on the market and the only one to come with a Latent Defects Insurance Guarantee. This is a single coat application, in this case, using brush and roller to avoid the risk of over-spray which can occur when using airless spray equipment.

Stone Cladding & Granite Cladding - 8 Salisbury Square, London - Limestone & Granite

AlterEgo Facades (Stone Cladding & GRC Cladding Specialists)

Stone Cladding: Moleanos Crème Limestone & Giallo Veneziano Granite natural stone rainscreen cladding (Unitised). tp bennett was asked to refurbish the building to Grade A office standard. PROJECT: 8 SALISBURY SQUARE LONDON ARCHITECT: TP Bennett MAIN CONTRACTOR: BAM Construct UK INSTALLER: English Architectural Glazing & PAYE PRODUCT: AlterStone Unitised Moleanos Crème Limestone & Giallo Veneziano Granite CLADDING AREA: 800m2 COMPLETION: June 2016

Sytner Mini Dealership - Slough

Johnstone's Trade Paints - a brand of PPG Industries

Johnstone’s Trade’s products have been the driving force behind a striking new-look Mini dealership. For the exterior metal cladding, Johnstone’s Metal Defence System Steel & Cladding Topcoat in black was used to provide excellent protection from corrosion, ensuring the building will continue to stand out for years to come. Johnstone’s Covaplus Vinyl Matt, specified in both off white and orange, was applied to the dealership’s interior to showcase the superb cars on show, with a superb finish free from flashing.

Port Glasgow Shared Campus - Port Glasgow

Dryvit UK Ltd

Dryvit Outsulation external wall insulation (EWI) system incorporating Dryvit's cost effective metal effect speciality finish, Reflectit, was utilised to clad to large feature pods within atrium spaces in the Port Glasgow High School and St Stephens’s High School. Completed in 2013. Outsulation was used in place of the originally specified zinc cladding which proved to difficult and costly to install. Dryvit speciality finishes often provide cost alternatives to metal, stone, brick or wood facade systems while delivering energy efficient walls compositions.

Stone Cladding - The Engine Yard, Edinburgh - Sandstone

AlterEgo Facades (Stone Cladding & GRC Cladding Specialists)

Stone Cladding: Buff sandstone - natural stone rainscreen cladding on this apartment development on what was once the city’s historic tram depot on Leith Walk, Edinburgh. ARCHITECT: Cooper Cromar MAIN CONTRACTOR: Allenbuild INSTALLER: Entec Design Services PRODUCT: AlterStone Buff Sandstone CLADDING AREA: 1200m2 START ON SITE: January 2018 COMPLETION: September 2018

Stone Cladding - Baxter Gate, Loughborough - Limestone

AlterEgo Facades (Stone Cladding & GRC Cladding Specialists)

Stone Cladding: Moca Crème Limestone - natural stone rainscreen cladding with a slate plinth. Family-orientated leisure development at the former hospital site at Baxter Gate, Loughborough. ARCHITECT: Aros Architects MAIN CONTRACTOR: Gilbert Ash INSTALLER: Entec Design Services PRODUCT: AlterStone Moca Crème Limestone Black Slate CLADDING AREA: 1,200m2 START ON SITE: August 2015 COMPLETION: April 2016

Metal roof coating with BBA Approved Metalseal from Liquasil

Liquasil Ltd

The existing factory finish to this metal roof was degraded and failing in multiple places. The roof was cleaned and all existing GRP roof lights were replaced. Cut edge corrosion & spot rust was treated using Liquasil corrosion primer. An initial coat of Metalseal 20 was roller applied to all corrosion treated areas, followed by a single coat of Metalseal 20, spray applied to the entire roof area. The end result looks like a new roof and will easily provide 20 years protective, water resistant finish to this once poor roof.

Stone Cladding - 30 Lombard St, London - Limestone (Unitised)

AlterEgo Facades (Stone Cladding & GRC Cladding Specialists)

Stone Cladding: Moleanos Crème Limestone - natural stone rainscreen cladding (Unitised). Lombard Street is a striking new office building in the midst of a Conservation Area and surrounded by listed buildings. PROJECT: 30 Lombard Street, London ARCHITECT: TP Bennett MAIN CONTRACTOR: ISG Construction INSTALLER: EAG PRODUCT: AlterStone Unitised Moleanos Crème Limestone CLADDING AREA: 1000m2 COMPLETION: August 2018

Kings Cross R7

Akzo Nobel Powder Coatings Ltd

Finishes: Interpon D2525 Etna YW107I and Pink Metallic Y2200I Parts coated: Cladding and railings ''The finish is a high-quality, durable powder coating with a long life. It was selected with a metallic finish to form a protective layer, creating a lasting, soft sheen. This sheen offers a dynamic play of light on adjacent surfaces that will vary with changing light conditions throughout the day and across the different seasons of the year.'' Joe Morris, founding director, Duggan Morris

Stone Cladding - Brodick Ferry Terminal, Isle of Arran - Sandstone

AlterEgo Facades (Stone Cladding & GRC Cladding Specialists)

Stone Cladding: Red Sandstone - natural stone rainscreen cladding. The new Brodick Ferry Terminal opened April 2018 following completion of the £30 million infrastructure upgrade project, which has transformed the harbour area. ARCHITECT: NORR MAIN CONTRACTOR: George Leslie INSTALLER: Entec Design Services PRODUCT: AlterStone Red Sandstone CLADDING AREA: 1,150m2 START ON SITE: August 2016 COMPLETION: November 2016

Stone Cladding - St Lukes View, Liverpool - Jura Limestone

AlterEgo Facades (Stone Cladding & GRC Cladding Specialists)

Stone Cladding: Jura Beige Sandblasted Limestone - natural stone rainscreen cladding. Student Accommodation in Liverpool bounded by two key conservation areas on a site that was formerly used as a multi-storey car park. ARCHITECT: Rio Architects MAIN CONTRACTOR: Bowmer & Kirkland INSTALLER: FK Facades PRODUCT: AlterStone Jura Limestone Sandblasted CLADDING AREA: 350m2 START ON SITE: January 2017 COMPLETION: March 2017

The University of Birmingham Library

Bailey - Total Building Envelope

The construction of the external envelope was an important part of the library’s transformation. The building has a contemporary aesthetic, which houses innovative learning tools alongside traditional resources for studying in the 21st Century and beyond. Bailey Rainscreen Cladding was fitted to the front of the library and adds vibrancy to the building, which sits at the heart of the University campus. Associated Architects chose Bailey to supply the metal cladding for the project due to its team’s expert technical knowledge and ability to respond creatively to a brief.

STEREO-KINETIC wall cladding system at H&M, freely-moving stainless steel sheets suspended within each 63x132mm aperture of a Stereo-3 grating mesh panel.


The frontage of the Ocean Terminal shopping centre in Edinburgh has received a radical makeover as part of a major investment to increase footfall by enhancing the visitor experience. The extension has been covered with STEREO-KINETIC cladding; hundreds of freely-moving stainless steel sheets suspended from grating panels. Gusts of wind, traffic, even people walking by cause the metal rectangles to ripple in an ever-changing display. The kinetic artwork has been designed in such a way as to allow the passage of natural daylight through the underlying window openings on the second floor level.

Metal Roof Refurbishment Project Using BBA Approved Metalseal by Liquasil ltd

Liquasil Ltd

This is a metal roof coating & refurbishment project using Liquasil's BBA Approved Metalseal 20. The project involved removing an existing cut edge corrosion treatment and re-treating with Liquasil SWT Corrosion Primer, followed by two coats of Metalseal. The whole roof was then coated with Metalseal 20 to provide long term protection against fungal growth and weathering. The unique 10 year, single-point latent defects insurance guarantee was issued at the end of the project. For details, speak to our building surveyors on 0121 709 5352

Metal roof renovation project using Liquasil's BBA Approved Metalseal coating system

Liquasil Ltd

The former ToysRUs premises in Luton required complete refurbishment and part of the project involved renovation of the metal roof. Liquasil's BBA Approved Metalseal 20 system was specified because it includes the advanced, SWT Primer to treat cut edge and spot corrosion in-situ. The metal gutters were lined with Liquasil's Gutterseal, seamless liquid gutter lining system. Upon completion of the metal roof coating project, the unique, Liquasil Latent Defects Insurance Guarantee was issued. The Liquasil guarantee includes cover for Professional Design, meaning that you can specify Liquasil products with 100% confidence.

Hilton London Bankside

Bailey - Total Building Envelope

A stunning new build in the heart of London, the £115m Hilton Bankside represents the next generation of design-led Hilton Hotels. The contemporary, industrial look of the building combines brick, glass and a striking bronze coloured Bailey Rainscreen Cladding System. The eight-storey hotel’s unique construction, designed by Dexter Moren Associates, comprises tall and low-rise buildings, layering various materials to create a juxtaposition of old and new. Bailey was chosen to supply metal cladding for the project thanks to its team’s expert technical knowledge and its ability to fulfil the bespoke aesthetic requirements of the architect.

IKO Polimar CRS used for Trimpley Water Treatment


The IKO Cladding Refurbishment System (CRS) was chosen, extending the life expectancy of the roofs with a 10 year guarantee from IKO PLC. The existing coating was de-bonding from the plastisol sheets with bare metal showing in places, signs of water damage prior to rusting. Sections of ridge flashings had worked their way loose and were missing from several locations on three of the roofs

Metal roof & parapet coating project using Metalseal 20 from Liquasil

Liquasil Ltd

This project involved the removal of the existing factory finish to an industrial unit in the West Midlands, followed by cut edge corrosion treatment and full roof & parapet coating. Once the original finish had been removed using high pressure jet washing, all of the end laps to the roof sheets were coated with SWT (Surface & Wet Tolerant) corrosion primer, to prevent further rusting. Once cured, the roof was coated with the BBA Approved Metalseal 20 to a film thickness of approx 300 microns.

Youghal Lighthouse - County Cork

Johnstone's Trade Paints - a brand of PPG Industries

Johnstone’s Trade were approached by the Commissioners of Irish Lights to improve the condition of the walls and the railings as the structure indicated that it had not been painted for a number of years. The products that were specified for the project included Johnstone’s Stormshield Pliolite Masonry, a solvent based paint that was applied on the exterior walls of the lighthouse to provide a smooth matt finish in Brilliant White. To complete the makeover, the metal railings of the lighthouse were painted in Johnstone’s Steel & Cladding Semi-gloss Top coat in Signal red.

Metal Sheet Roof

Tikkurila UK

Using our water-based metal primer and topcoat range King Decorators in Glasgow gave this old roof a new vibrant look. An undercoat of our corrosion resistant water-based primer Rostex Akva combined with a top coat of Panssarri Akva will give this roof a long lasting, good looking, protective coating.

Clifton House, Glasgow

Metal Technology Ltd

Transformation of a 1960's office block to a state-of-the-art student accommodation. Metal Technology’s System 17 Silicone pointed and High Rise curtain walling was used extensively thought-out the project. The end result is testament to System 17’s limitless flexibility and aesthetic appeal whilst meeting all structural requirements and delivering high levels of thermal and weather performance

Muscat International Airport, Oman

SAS International Ltd

The new Muscat International Airport is designed to transform the airport experience not only in the Middle East but on the global stage. A smooth and pleasant customer journey is at the core of the design. Since its conception in 2011, SAS has been heavily involved in realising the aims for each area of the building. SAS has supplied more than 200,000m² of column casing, acoustic wall panelling, staircase cladding and bespoke metal ceilings to the project. Each product has been carefully designed to provide essential acoustic absorption for visitors as well as service integration and accessibility for staff.

Showing 1-36 of 598