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Structural Drainage - Deckdrain, Reservoir Drainage, Hagbourne Hill, UK

ABG creative geosynthetic engineering

As part of the Didcot water supply system, Thames water constructed a new twin cell covered service reservoir at their facility at Hagbourne Hill. Traditional construction required a protection board against the water proofing before back filling with clean no lines drainage stone. This method is costly and time consuming. A geocomposite layer was considered if it could meet the job of the drainage stone. ABG Deckdrain was proposed and approved to form a combined protection and drainage layer. The cuspates are thermally bonded to the textile. Deckdrain is quickly installed therefore reducing time and costs on site.

StormCrates Provide Storm Water Management at Poplar Grove Development Site

Brett Martin Plumbing & Drainage

To reduce the risk of flooding during times of excessive rainfall, the developer of 8 luxury homes on a site in Lower Pilsley, near Chesterfield, required a drainage solution that could be integrated within the site and found the solution in StormCrate, an engineered Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS). A total of 110 StormCrate modular units were used to create a 29m? underground storage tank capable of holding 29,000 litres of rainwater and this was wrapped in an impermeable geomembrane to create a sealed underground tank.

StormCrate is a Runaway Solution at Coventry Housing Development

Brett Martin Plumbing & Drainage

For this new housing development in Coventry, surface water management was a key consideration to prevent any future flooding and Brett Martin’s StormCrates were used to create an underground attenuation tank for the temporary storage of stormwater which would reduce the demand on the built drainage. The development of 15 new homes was built on an area susceptible to flooding during periods of bad weather. 180 StormCrates were used to create a 54.5m³ underground storage tank, constructed in three layers at a depth of 2m beneath the entrance road, to offset stormwater run-off from the developed area.

Structural Drainage - Loading Platform, Pozidrain, Nauerna, The Netherlands

ABG creative geosynthetic engineering

Afvalzorg is one of The Netherlands most important waste processing companies. The Nauerna site includes state of the art sorting and recycling facilities. To increase capacity a new loading quay was required for temporary waste storage, To do the work Trisoplas identified the lack of adequate drainage and addressed the seepage as an unacceptable risk to the watercourse. After taking many factors into consideration ABG selected Pozidrain 6SK500/NW8[L][ with a welded drainage core and integral selvedge. The unique core is chemically inert to creaye an open drainage void. Creep testing evidenced the suitability of Pozidrain in this project

Harmer Drainage specified for new Hilton Hotel, Minories London

Alumasc Water Management Solutions

Harmer Building Drainage, part of Alumasc Water Management Systems (AWMS), has recently supplied its leading SML below ground drainage system to a major London development. The project, sited at The Minories, Aldgate, sees the introduction of the first Canopy by Hilton hotel in the UK which is scheduled to open in 2018. Working with contractors PCW Drainage Ltd and A J Morrisroe, Harmer supplied below ground drainage for the hotel’s new double storey basement box.

Cascade Strikes a Balance Between Old and New at Hampton Grange Development in Bromley

Brett Martin Plumbing & Drainage

Specifying a rainwater system at a development of luxury homes and for the conversion of a Grade II listed school into apartments required careful consideration to meet the aesthetic needs of the developer whilst respecting the character of the former listed school. Brett Martin’s Cascade Cast Iron Style Rainwater System met the challenge by offering a cost-effective, high capacity rainwater solution which had the look and feel of cast iron whilst providing the long-term benefits of plastic.

Cascade Helps Transform Post-War Home in Bournemouth

Brett Martin Plumbing & Drainage

The choice of materials was key to achieving the architectural appearance of this extended property in Bournemouth as the perfect rainwater solution, perfectly complementing the historical ‘arts and crafts’ aesthetics of the post-war home. Cascade is so close in detail to genuine cast iron rainwater that it was difficult to tell the difference even from close range and this combined with its exceptional performance prompted the architects to specify Cascade for this project.

Lowena Kelys - Anthracite Grey Rainwater

Brett Martin Plumbing & Drainage

Brett Martin’s Rainwater System in the new Anthracite Grey colour option was installed on four luxury homes in a new development near called Lowena Kelys, near St Agnes in Cornwall. The high specification homes, offering views of the Cornish coastline, required guttering to combine high capacity performance with a colour that matched both the windows and doors and the Deepstyle 115mm Gutter System and 68mm Round Downpipe in a gloss finish from Brett Martin’s Anthracite Grey range was able to satisfy the brief.

Cascade Cast Iron Style Rainwater Chosen for Refurbishment of 19th Century Former Vicarage

Brett Martin Plumbing & Drainage

The refurbishment of this 19th century former vicarage on the banks of the Thames required the specification of carefully chosen materials to respect the character of the award-winning property in Isleworth. To meet the rainwater requirements, Brett Martin’s High Capacity Cascade Rainwater System was specified with the addition of Cascade cast iron effect Hoppers for added visual effect.

Structural Drainage - Deckdrain A14 Cambridge to Huntington, UK

ABG creative geosynthetic engineering

The A14 trunk road running between M1 Catthorpe Interchange and Felixstowe carries around 8500 vehicle a day. The project to upgrade the carriageway involved the construction of many large structures. These required drainage that could be quickly and safely installed. Traditional Methods requiring the use of manual handling equipment and site restrictions meant this method was problematic. Deckdrain 750S/ST170 and Deckdrain 1250S/ST170 were chosen to withstand passive earth movement. Deckdrain allowed for quick and easy installation reducing labour costs and vehicle movements on site.

Flexible, sustainable and safe drainage solutions for Leeds Arena


The Leeds Arena, when completed, will be a 13,500 capacity entertainment focused arena. BLUCHER® have supplied over 70 drains from their adaptable range of floor drains for the concourse, plant room and kitchen areas. BLUCHER® also supplied BLUCHER® EuroPipe, their push fit stainless steel drainage pipework system which was installed in the kitchen and conference areas. BLUCHER® EuroPipe was specified over other metallic or plastic systems for two specific reasons, due to the potential heat of the waste to be drained through the pipework and A1 fire rating of the exposed pipework in general.

Cutting Drainage & Reinforcement, Erosaweb & Fildrain, Luton Dunstable Busway, Bedfordshire, UK

ABG creative geosynthetic engineering

Luton Dunstable Busway is a new construction connecting two Bedfordshire towns. The Busway comprises of twin tracks 6m wide allowing two directional travel. The guide way has a low noise surface and needed to minimise the impact on neighbouring properties. During the build it was necessary to steepen the slopes along both sides whilst maintaining their green finish. A solution for drainage was also required to remove the need for excavated stone. ABG proposed Erosaweb which can contain top soil in their three dimensional structure. ABGs Fildrain provided the drainage capacity at a fraction of the depth of stone.

Structural Drainage - Reservoir Base Uplift, Deckdrain, Rushmore STW, Telford, UK

ABG creative geosynthetic engineering

Part of Severn Trent Waters e5 Major Projects Programme, Rushmore STW is a strategic centre for sludge digestion, de-watering and cake storage. Due to expected growth in the local population the PSTs would need refurbishment. A high water table below ground meant stability is constantly changing meaning tanks suffer uplift pressures when empty. Encouraged by the e5 programme a novel solution was proposed. Deckdrain 700S/NW8 was proposed as an uplift pressure reliever and under slab drainage. Deckdrain has a filtration layer and is virtually impermeable. Deckdrain structure exceeds the drainage capacity of 500mm stone giving significant cost savings.

Embankment Drainage - Rail Embankment, Pozidrain, Certaldo Poggibonsi Railway, Italy

ABG creative geosynthetic engineering

In 1850 the Siena to Empoli railway line became a central part of the wine making industry. After being destroyed in WW2 it was rebuilt to modern standards. 20KM of new embankment required construction to upgrade the railway to meet current requirements. This required 500mm starter layer requiring thousands of cubic sqm of stone. ABG Pozidrain was proposed as a starter layer. The 7mm cuspated drainage layer has six times higher flow capacity than traditional stone. In addition each delivery covered 9500sqm meaning a 400 lorry reduction on the project. This subsequently reduced the carbon footprint on site.

Landfill Cap Drainage & Gas Venting - Pozidrain, Chelson Meadows, Landfill Site, Plymouth, UK

ABG creative geosynthetic engineering

For more than four decades Chelson Meadow was the main landfill site for the Plymouth area. An estimated 17,650,000 tonnes of landfill needed capping with a permanent geosynthetic capping system. The capping commenced in 2005 and had to be closed by 2012. ABG Pozidrain 6S250/NW8 was installed above and below Claymat GCL to provide drainage, gas venting and adequate protection. Pozidrain provided the required flow capacity and interface shear strength. Gas from the site was harnessed to be sent back to the national grid to be used.

Structural Drainage - Road and Rail Bridge Abutement, Deckdrain, Port Talbot Distributor Road, UK

ABG creative geosynthetic engineering

The Port Talbot Distributor Road is part of a regeneration plan for the Port Talbot area. The new road comprises a mixture of structures. Speed of installation was key to the project. Structural Drainage was needed for all the earth retaining structures. Traditional methods required manual handling equipment resulting in slow installation. The contractor looked at the innovative and financially beneficial Deckdrain product. The lightweight rolls come in off the shelf sizes and laid horizontally in progressive lifts. The composite has a filter to prevent clogging and a higher flow rate core.

Basel Drainage - Slope Retention, Pozidrain and Erosaweb, Shetland Gas Plant

ABG creative geosynthetic engineering

The Shetland Gas plant (SGP) represents a 25bn investment by Total in Shetland to service the Laggan and Tormore gas fields. The site was covered by a large peat bog that needed preserving for reinstatement at the end of life decommissioning. The solution was to build two peat stores in the slopes which were to be overtopped to allow water to peculate through. ABG recommended Pozidrain 12S500/NW8 in place of stone enabling the maximum void space to be utilised for peat storage. Erosaweb GWX 150/300 was used for soil reinforcement providing a native environment for flora and fauna.

ACO MonoDrain drives high quality drainage solution for regeneration project

ACO Technologies plc

In 2018, Corby town centre was in need of renovation. With more council planners calling for sustainable, urban developments, it became clear that the town’s Market Walk Shopping Centre needed to be updated, both functionally and aesthetically. Midlands-based O’Brien Contractors were tasked with transforming Market Walk’s outdated multi-story carpark on Market Walk into a flexible, functional and long-lasting alternative.

Waterproofing and Drainage Solutions for Octagon Developments' luxury country mansion in Virginia Water

CCL Wetrooms

CCL Wetrooms Installation team were approached by Octagon Developments to supply and install wetroom systems and waterproofing solutions into the master bathroom, gym and three guest en-suites at their luxury house in Virginia Water. Linear Screed Drains were recommended for installation into each of the wet areas, capable of coping with flow rates of up to 29 L/min. Falls were created within the screed before the Linear Screed Drains and solid linear floor & wall grills were installed into the required position within each bathroom. RIW Tilesafe & FWM were used to fully waterproof the wetrooms.

MIne Tailings Capping and Drainage - Pozidrain SKL and Erosaweb, Carrshield MIne Works, UK

ABG creative geosynthetic engineering

The Barneycraig Lead mine located in the North Pennines operated between 1760-1920. Due to mine tailings being deposited on the River West Allen it became the second worst river by Northumbria River Basin Management. A plan to improve the river meant the tailings needed to be capped to prevent rain water infiltration. Stabilisation of the dam was also required. ABG proposed Pozidrain 4SKL, this provided a rapidly installed single layer system without compriising on containment. Erosaweb GWX was used on the 1:2.5 slope for soil reinforcement and this was fixed with a non piercing fixing solution.

Coal Ash Containment, Basal and Capping, Pozidrain, Jorf Lasfar, Morocca

ABG creative geosynthetic engineering

The existing coal fired power station at Jorf Lasfar located on the Atlantic Coast of El Jaidida was to double in size. Due to this a storage area and waste water Lagoon were required With high potential for pollution from CCR, a sealed and protected geomembrane needed to be installed with sufficient drainage between CCR. ABG Proposed Terrex SNW120 protective geotextile 2mm HDPE membrane and a Pozidrain drainage layer in contact with the coal combustion water. The system provided the solution of drainage protection and filtratiion. Pozidrain has a large factor of safety compared to crushed stone on load.

Showing 1-36 of 118