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The product is available in a range of proprietary formulations suitable for many specific applications and is ideal for most industrial, commercial and infrastructure construction and repair uses.


Toproc is a high performance ready mixed concrete offering clients, specifiers and contractors solutions to a wide variety of construction requirements.

It is normally laid in excess of 100 mm in depth. For applications requiring less than 200 mm, consult the manufacturer for details.

Features and benefits:

  • Offers high surface strength and low dust properties, which can often negate the need for paint or resin surface finishes.
  • The in-situ compressive strength is much higher than conventional concretes typically achieving 20–25 N/mm² at 24 hours, 60 N/mm² at 28 days although this is often exceeded and can achieve 70 N.
  • Higher flexural strength and modulus of elasticity can be achieved compared to conventional concrete.
  • Exhibits less wear and greater resistance to impact than conventional concrete, thereby reducing the life cycle costs of wearing surfaces in scrap yards, loading bays, stores and other heavy industrial environments.
  • Can be pumped more easily than conventional concretes as the inclusion of pozzolans improves its pumpable properties.
  • Resistant to carbon dioxide ingress which significantly reduces the rate of carbonation, delaying the onset of rebar corrosion.


The product is available in a range of proprietary formulations suitable for many specific applications and is ideal for most industrial, commercial and infrastructure construction and repair uses.

General information


E10/181 Proprietary high strength concrete

Q21/117 Unreinforced paving (designed concrete)

Q21/118 Paving with embedded metal (designed concrete)

Specification data

Product Reference



Toproc CR – Chemical Resistant

Toproc ED – Early Drying

Toproc ES – Under Water

Toproc HR – Heat Resistant

Toproc MF – Macro Fibre

Toproc SY – Scrap Yard

Toproc UW – Under Water

Product Options


- Toproc CR – Chemical Resistant:

  • High resistance to a variety of chemicals.
  • Less wear in high abrasion environments.
  • Reduces costs over longer lifetime.
  • Applications: Chemical works, effluent treatment plants, waste storage, recycling depots.

- Toproc ED – Early Drying:

  • Quicker drying than conventional concretes.
  • Concrete can be walked on after just 18 hours.
  • Can be trafficked by light vehicles after 24 hours.
  • 75% relative humidity within 7-21 days (depending on ambient temperature).
  • Applications: Flooring, bridge decks, underpass soffits, resin toppings and tiles, retail spaces.

- Toproc ES – Under Water:

  • Improved bond between paste and aggregate.
  • Highly cohesive concrete with a dense micro structure.
  • Earlier access for trafficking.
  • Applications: Heavy industrial applications, airport runway repairs, infrastructure construction, structures under repair, any other applications requiring high early strength.

- Toproc HR – Heat Resistant:

  • Extreme heat resistance.
  • High bond to concrete and steel.
  • High strength – compressive, flexural and tensile.
  • Very low permeability.
  • Applications: Foundry floors, molten metal splash areas, fire resistant sections, cladding and coating.

- Toproc MF – Macro Fibre:

  • Increased strength and crack resistance.
  • Reduces costs over a longer lifetime.
  • Applications: Heavy industrial floors, external hard standings, recycling plants, retail flooring.

- Toproc SY – Scrap Yard:

  • Extreme abrasion/ wear resistance.
  • Wide joint spacing possible.
  • Resistant to continuous shock loading.
  • Excellent initial impact and post-crack performance.
  • Can eliminate ‘A’ grade crack control mesh.
  • Applications: Scrap yards, recycling plant floors, industrial flooring, docksides, loading bays.

- Toproc UW – Under Water:

  • High consistency, high strength concrete.
  • Wash-out reduced by up to 50%.
  • Scour and wear resistant when hardened.
  • Less harmful to flora and sea life.
  • Applications: All underwater constructions, bridges, water defences, wind farms, oil rigs.

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