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SikaDur Combiflex System

SikaDur Combiflex System

Sika Limited

High performance joint and crack sealing system consisting of Sika Hypalon Strip and Sikadur 31 Rapid adhesive

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Combiflex Hypolon sheet is a highly elastic, rot-proof and chemically resistant sealing sheet. Sikadur 31 adhesive is epoxy resin based and establishes a strong bond to the substrate. SikaDur is for sealing construction joints, expansion joints, cracks and fissures on concrete and masonry for use in tunnels, reservoirs, water treatment plants, swimming pools, silos, industrial floors basements and roof connections.

Designated movement and construction joints and any live cracks, sealed with the SikaDur Combiflex system, should be reflected through the Sika 1 Waterproofing system and sealed with an appropriate sealant. The anticipated movement and exposure of any such joint or crack should be clearly understood prior to defining dimensions and selecting the appropriate Sikaflex surface sealant. Sealant selection should be in accordance with the principles of ISO 11600 and BS 6213:2000 and when necessary water industry approvals.

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M20/650 Movement joints

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  • SikaDur Combiflex Hypalon strip.
  • SikaDur 31 Rapid.

Case studies

Papworth Hospital, Cambridge

Papworth Hospital, Cambridge

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