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PVC Vents
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Welded PVC aerators to fit onto concrete slab for single ply membranes.


Tough and durable vent, designed to help aerate concrete slabs and allow the structure to breathe.

Features and benefits:

  • It draws moisture away from a concrete slab and is placed onto the bare concrete beneath the waterproofing membrane and insulation.
  • Bonded by using hot air gun (not direct contact to a flame).
  • The membrane is welded to the top of the base of the vent, creating a flue which helps to draw vapour out of the concrete.
  • There are a series of ribs along the underside of the round base plate which encourage the movement of vapour along the base and into the flue and also act to alleviate any hot air which might appear between the slab and the membrane.
  • The top of the flue has three lateral holes to allow the vapour to escape into the atmosphere.
  • It is covered by a hood which overlaps the internal holes, preventing rainwater entering the system but still allowing the passage of vapour.

General information





Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer)


Pr_30_59_29_30 Flat roof ventilatorsPrimary


J41/485 Roof ventilators

J41/80 Roof ventilators

J42/490 Roof ventilators

Specification data - Flat roof ventilators Enhanced data


  • TPE - (Thermoplastic Elastomer), a compound of EPDM and polypropylene (caps).
  • PVC - Polyvinyl chloride (Aerators).



Black/ white.



Diameter or section (minimum)

125 mm.

Flange base (minimum)

390 mm.

Product Reference

PVC Vents


The shorter, broader vent can be used for deck areas where a shorter pipe is required. The extra-long vent pipe may be required for areas where some sort of covering is placed onto the deck and the hood needs to be exposed.

160 mm.


The ESTRAER® funnel shaped hood comprises two conical funnels which join up at a central hole at the top of pipe. It creates extra suction on the pipe, helping to draw out a greater amount of vapour and air from the concrete. For use where the concrete deck and insulation needs to be aerated and ventilated.

Manufacturer's standard.

Black round cap.


Two conical funnels.

Environmental information

Country of material origin

United Kingdom

Country of product manufacture

United Kingdom

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