Proofex Sheetdrain


Proofex Sheetdrain is a double cuspated geocomposite drainage sheet with 8 mm thick high density polyethylene core and polypropylene geotextile faces. It is fixed to walls and roofs of structures to provide a filtered, drainage plane that will route ground water and gases away from the structure, utilising subsoil drains to link with the site drainage system. Proofex Sheetdrain reduces water pressure on structures and the possibility of water ingress, and can be effectively used in conjunction with other waterproofing systems.

Proofex Sheetdrain can also be used as protection to a sheet membrane against physical damage from backfill operations.


Mechanical fixing using Hilti XSW 30ZE 37 or Proofex Engage Detail Strip (when applied to membrane). Fixing centres: One per square metre.

Joint laps:

100 mm integral lap is recommended.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_57_65_60 Plastics sheetsPrimary


J40/295 Geocomposite studded cavity drainage/ venting membrane

Specification data - Plastics sheets

Product Reference

Proofex Sheetdrain

Core thickness

8 mm

For depths up to 6 m.

Contractor's choice

As drawing

Standard product features

Compression strength:

150 kN/m².


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