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High security cantilever sliding gate that has been successfully impact tested to BSI PAS68, stopping an N2 7500 kg vehicle travelling at 40 mph and 50 mph (8000 x 2400 mm). The cantilever mechanism allows the system to open and close without the need of a track.


On entrance activation, the sliding gate opens in a quick but safe sliding action. On approaching the gate from the inside, a vehicle will drive over an internal safety/exit loop. Traffic lights, if installed, indicate the gates are about to move and go green when safe to enter or exit. The gate stays open and then closes after all the safety devices are clear and/or after a set time. An anti tail-gating function can be enabled to control traffic flow.


  • Aesthetically pleasing and able to take power fence or security toppings.
  • Low maintenance with minimal moving parts.
  • Shallow foundations of only 400 mm.
  • Smooth and quiet operation.
  • Trackless design, no height restrictions and lower maintenance.
  • Very secure, with an opening and closing speed of 150 mm/ second or a high speed unit available at 400 mm/ second.

General information


[Size, Typically, the height of the gate is 3000 mm but can be designed to unique requirements with the manufacturer's in house design team]



Pr_30_59_59_79 Sliding vehicular barriersPrimary


Q40/45 Gates

Q40/560 Steel

Q40/570 Gates

Q41/190 Vehicle access point barriers

Q50/120 Steel gate

Q50/130 Gate

Q50/15 Steel gate

Q50/20 Gate

Specification data - Sliding vehicular barriers

Product Reference



Finish/ Colour

Galvanized and powder coated, RAL

Insert colour requirement.

Zinc phosphate and powder coated, RAL

Insert colour requirement.


3 phase motor

24 V motor


Manufacturer's standard

150 mm/ second.

High speed

400 mm/ second.

Access control

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

Card reader

Digital keypad

Radio control system

Push button control

Gate infill

Not required

Acoustic solid


Bar and Weldmesh



Perforated steel sheet


Special order

Insert requirements.

Top protection

Not required

55 mm serrated edge

Barbed tape

Barbed wire

Long blunted spikes

Palisade struts

Rotating serrated edge on a revolving tube

Rotating spikes




Traffic lights

Standard product features

Weight (8 m opening width):

Approximately 600 kg.


Manufactured from 50 x 50 mm carbon steel box section with 25 mm bars spaced at approximately 100 mm intervals.

Drive and controls:

  • 240 V 16 A supply.
  • Anti tail-gating option.
  • Heavy duty cantilever rolling gear to suit the size and weight of gate.
  • PLC design with frequency invertor speed control.
  • The gate is supported on posts with high quality bearings and rollers to reduce noise and vibration.


  • Complies with gate safety standard BS EN 13241-1.
  • Hi/Lo safety photocells.
  • Manual release in the event of power failure.
  • Protected with CAT3 safety edges.
  • Safety loops.

Product Options


Typically, the height of the gate is 3000 mm but can be designed to unique requirements with the manufacturer's in house design team.


PAS 68 Cantilever Sliding Gate INTERREGATOR

PAS 68 Cantilever Sliding Gate INTERREGATOR

PAS 68 Swing Gate CHALLENGER (40mph)

PAS 68 Swing Gate CHALLENGER (40mph)

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