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Orwell Wall Mounted Entrance / Walkway Canopy

Able Canopies Ltd

The Orwell canopy features a classical curved frame which is made from aluminium and is covered with polycarbonate. It has an unlimited length and a max. projection of up to 2.5 m.

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  • Suitable for entrance/ walkway canopies and shelters and above outside stairways.
  • Ideal for covering busy environments such as schools, shops, leisure centres and hospitals.


The Orwell entrance canopy has a smooth, slightly curved design that provides effective cover from the weather. The minimal appearance of the canopy enable it to create a feature point of your entrance whilst still allowing it to blend in with your outside aesthetics.

The Orwell has an unlimited length (minimum of 1.4 m) and a projection of between 0.8–2.5 m which makes it perfect for covering large entrances and creating shade above multiple windows. It is also ideal for creating shelter above outside stairways as it can be supplied with varying heights that match the incline of the stairs.

As this cost-effective entrance canopy is cantilevered and has no canopy posts, it is ideal for covering busy environments such as schools, shops, leisure centres and hospitals.

The frame is constructed fully from T5 grade aluminium that is supplied with a choice of 7 colours as standard. The roof is covered with 4mm solid polycarbonate that has a high impact resistance and is supplied in clear as standard.

  • Simple curved design - ideal for any setting including schools, hospitals, shops and leisure centres
  • Ideal for smaller budgets - The cost effective design makes this structure ideal for those with smaller budgets that don't want to compromise on quality
  • Variable Heights - Because the Orwell can have variable heights, this makes it ideal for covering outdoor stairways as well as entrances, windows and walkways
  • Unlimited length - the Orwell has a minimum length of 1.4m and no maximum
  • Up to 2.5m projection - The Orwell is available with a projection from 0.8mm - 2.5m
  • Tough aluminium frame - the frame is manufactured from T5 grade aluminium to ensure a long lasting, solid construction
  • Robust roof panels - 4mm solid polycarbonate roof panels that we light in weight and have a high strength
  • Cantilevered - The Orwell is fixed to the wall with aluminium wall brackets and has no canopy posts
  • Aluminium guttering - Integral aluminium guttering as standard that disperses water through a drip spout at the sides of the frame
  • High UV Protection - The roof panels are coated on both sides with a UV protective layer that provides high UV protection to persons underneath and prevents the panels from discolouring
  • Frame colour - The aluminium frame is available in a choice of 7 colours as standard. Alternative colours are available on request at an additional cost.
  • Polycarbonate colour - The roof panels come in clear as standard with a choice of 6 alternative colours which are available at an additional cost.
  • Structurally tested - The Orwell has been tested and approved by TUV for loads up to 170daN/m². (This applies to projections of 1.5m or less).
  • High Fire Resistance - The clear (standard) roof panels meet the UK fire rating BS 476 Part 7 Class 1Y and the European fire standard EN 13501-1 B s1 s0
  • Low Maintenance - The Orwell does not require any special maintenance and is easy to keep looking new and sparkly with periodic washes
  • 2 Year Guarantee - Supplied with 2 year guarantee for peace of mind.

General information


Standard Colour:

  • Marbled Grey
  • Jet Black - RAL 9005
  • White Aluminium - RAL 9006
  • Pure White - RAL 9010
  • Grey Beige - RAL 1019
  • Chocolate Brown - RAL 8017
  • Quartz Grey - RAL 7039

Textured Finishes (Additional costs apply)

  • Traffic White - RAL 9016
  • Anthracite Grey - RAL 7016
  • Grey Beige - RAL 1019
  • White Aluminium - RAL 9006
  • Pure White - RAL 9010
  • Oyster White - RAL 1013
  • Quartz Grey - RAL 7039

Special Colours (additional costs apply)

  • Grafite
  • Corten
  • Quartz
  • Mokka













Unlimited length from 1.4m - no maximum

Projection - from 0.8m - 2.5m


1400 mm


600 mm

2500 mm




Two year


Pr_20_65_78_58 Open sided sheltersPrimary


B91/330 Canopy

B91/335 Covered walkway

Product range


Specification data - Open-sided shelters

Shelter description

Curved, entrance/ walkway polycarbonate canopy.



Plan size

1.4 length (minimum) x 0.6–2.5 m projection.

Unlimited length and a max. projection of up to 2.5 m.





Main frame constructed from UNI 6060 T5 grade aluminium featuring integrated aluminium gutter with a drain side and drip spout.


Polyester powder coated.


Marbled Grey.

RAL 3005 Wine Red.

RAL 6005 Moss Green.

RAL 8017 Chocolate Brown.

RAL 9005 Jet Black.

RAL 9010 Pure White.


RAL 9006 White Aluminium.

Special order.

Roof covering


Glazing/ panel thickness

4 mm thick polycarbonate sheets.

Lightweight, have a high impact resistance and a high light transmittance of up to 87%.



50% light transmission.


Standard, 87% light transmission.

Embossed green.

73% light transmission.


55% light transmission.


Weather resistance

During the manufacture of the polycarbonate panels, a layer of UV absorber is co-extruded on both sides which forms a barrier, providing high UV protection from the sun.

Load capacity

Certified by TÜV for loads up to 170 daN/m² and did not record any signs of any permanent damages or breakage (for <1.5 m projections).

Fire performance

The clear (standard) polycarbonate roof panels adhere to the UK fire rating BS 476-7 Class 1Y. All polycarbonate colours (excluding Opal) have passed the European fire rating BS EN 13501-1 B-s2, d0.

Environmental information

Contains Red List materials


Country of material origin


Country of product manufacture




Digital objects

Platform Compatible Version Certified to




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