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A range of circular, square and bespoke-shaped metal casings available as double or single skin casings. Double skin casings are manufactured incorporating a 3 mm aluminium outer skin, a 20 mm protective acoustic inter-layer and a 1 mm inner skin, resulting in extremely lightweight and rigid casings. Single skin casings are available incorporating a 3 mm aluminium outer skin and an optional 6 mm acoustic inter-layer. The casings incorporate a fixing method which offers accessibility to enclosed services whilst eliminating all visible fixings. The standard jointing arrangement, allowing all casings to be demountable, provides a 20 mm recess (as standard) in-filled with a metal joint cover to match the casing finish.

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Pr_35_90_43_66 Preformed casingsPrimary

P20/170 Proprietary

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Metal Column Casing Systems






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Acoustic linings

Inner collar

For head application/ skirting/ jointing application.

Standard product features


  • Circular casings: External diameters available in 50 mm increments 200–700 mm as standard, supplied in semi-circular components, and 800–900 mm as standard, supplied in quarter circular components.
  • Square casings: External sizes available from 300–500 mm square, supplied in halves, and 600–1000 mm square, supplied in quarters.
  • Length up to 4000 mm. Longer lengths can be achieved by using a jointing inner collar.
  • Thickness: Variable – double skin generally 25 mm, single skin generally 9 mm. Not allowing for inner collar.

Finish/ colour:

A variety of standard finishes is available, including finishes such as stainless steel (brushed or polished), polyester powder-coated (standard RAL range), silver or gold satin-anodized or standard mill finish. More bespoke finishes are also available, along with the option of stainless steel or Rimex.

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